July 09, 2023


Dear Dirt Bag (aka husband), 

I get so confused when you tell me things didn’t happen so here I am documenting events. 

Last night, I took a CBD gummy for my anxiety and went to bed. You, of course, were still running the streets. 

When you came in, you filled the room with smells of weed, throw up, alcohol, and sweat.  

You climbed on top of me, startling me. You ripped my shorts and told me to open up and stop being controlling. I kept saying no. I gagged from the smell. 

This went on for another 20 seconds until I managed to roll onto the floor and cry. 

You begin cursing. Saying I was a stupid B. Said you had gone too far and now could go to jail all because I wanted to control ***. 

Your yelling and stumbling went on for 5 minutes as you tried to find your pants and check text messages.   

You got a message with hearts and I guess that was your sign to leave. But you were in no condition to drive. 

You hopped in your truck and took off anyway. I grabbed my shoes and tried to follow you in my car. I lost you. And then I realized I was not in any condition to drive either. I was super drowsy from the CBD and chamomile. I narrowly avoided a ditch before heading back home. You texted that you were back home. 

I tell you that i almost wrecked and you started up with grabbing my shorts again and telling me to shut up. These were different shorts because you ripped the other pair. 

I finally gave in and let you have the worst *** ever with me. You were limp but forcing whatever you could in. You told me my legs weren’t spread enough so you pinned them down. You got annoyed and pressed my chest down with your hands. Your hand slipped and pierced my arm where you proceeded to pin me down.

 I somehow managed to o. Maybe i wanted it to be over and thought that was the way. I’m not sure. But you became enraged. You said I was selfishly controlling *** again. You jumped up and put lube on your ***** and told me to shut up so you could have an o. 

It seemed like forever but you finally did. You called me a B, stated you hated me, and rolled over then went to sleep. 

I heard a door close upstairs and I prayed our kids didn’t hear the whole situation.