July 19, 2023


Dear Dirt Bag,

I’m so sad. I lost it earlier. You used my car (that i can’t afford on my own) to get items for your “trip” tomorrow. You have viagra (yes at 40 years old) and condoms. I just couldn’t compute. What did I do to deserve this? So while you were working in your office, I threw away your vitamins (you’re a super health freak) and threw what you had purchased from the store out in the backyard. I emptied the dresser with your clothes in it and put them in a big pile. Then I sat and cried. When you saw what was done you cursed and talked about your vitamins.  You said you were on the fence about marriage until now. I said “not true. You made up your mind when you decided to go on this trip with another woman.” You then said you didn’t know what I was talking about and that if I knew how to treat a man, then I’d still have one.” You also said me getting emotional is annoying and being so annoying won’t get me someone else to take care of me. 

I’m broken. I have no one. I am no one.