July 30, 2023


Dear dirt bag (soon to be ex),

Well i just had to verify my intuition tonight ….

You posted an $3,000 unspecified bond and walked to our house. You got in your truck, plugged in your phone, and immediately called her. I got curious if you were headed over there, I got in my car to find your truck.

I see your truck was sitting facing me with shadows of two people in it. I assume it's you all. Y’all pass me and I make a u-turn to follow. 

So now of course you know it's me. I follow you for two traffic lights going straight. You turned into the grocery store parking lot and I turned but kept driving past it. I saw y’all sitting there with the truck in the aisle. I circled back around on the main road and saw the truck parked in front of the store with the lights on. 

I parked on the opposite side of the parking lot in a dark spot with my lights off. I was waiting to see if she was buying you groceries too. Our joint account hadn't been charged but i know you have a secret account so it could be that as well. 

20 minutes go by and the truck doesn't move. No one gets in. No one gets out. So I leave. I leave to see if Walmart is open. It's not. I then circle back towards the grocery store to see if you were still there. I planned to pull up beside and get a look at her. See what you say is better than me. 

But when I drive by this time, 4 cops were talking to you at the truck. I kept driving on the main road and put the pieces together: you watched our cameras from the app on your phone and when the cameras are triggered, you can see and hear everything. you saw me leave through the cameras and probably waited there to see if i were headed that way. Now you’re truly the victim because she's probably saying something like "omg you're right, she is crazy!" 

When I got home, I covered the cameras. I don't think it's right that you see and hear us as we go in and out but you get to live in total secrecy. 

I have no curiosities anymore or need to follow my intuition about you and her. This was the ultimate confirmation for me. I haven't and won't contact her. I’m not looking for your truck. Nothing. I'm settled with it. 

What's next? I have a consultation with a family lawyer.