Queen MHA's Dear Diary

August 05, 2022
Bitch i just realized the dude in the never gonna give u up song is so damn cute like his voice match his face like yesss ma'am lol thats all bye shorty's.🖤.
Aug 05
Dear Diary, i have been upset for a couple days but i act like everythings fine  because i know that it's people that care about me and don't wana see me sad but i haven't tol anybody about this but i will say this my best friend ruby who is a year o
Aug 05
August 03, 2022
Dear Diary, I'm fucking colder than a ice sundae like my whole body bout to go into shock cause its so damn cold! Fuck cold air like I need warmth! Anyways howsss ya'll day goingggg? And imma go back to sleep I have to work tomorrow byeeee lovessss.�
Aug 03
August 01, 2022
Dear Diary, it's 12:46 and I just realized I'm lonely....like I can be in my room alone lights off everything  and just watching TV and I could be talking to myself for hours on end...and I yell, scream, and hit everybody because I'm angry I don't me
Aug 01
July 31, 2022
Dear Diary, I'm a retard cause I keep making my twin cry cause like my cousin is fucking attached to me he's one and I adore him but i can't put him down, shower, or do something without him following me or crying but he bites, slaps and pinches but
Jul 31
July 30, 2022
Dear Diary, I haven't talked to my bf all day and I'm losing it i don't have anyone to talk to or fucking br with but I have my twin hereee he's 1 years old and my cousins are hereee im thinking about dropping out of school so yeas.🖤.
Jul 31
July 29, 2022
Dear Diary, I'm the shortest person up in here like what da hell im 5'5 my bf is 5'9 or 5'8 I think but he's the best as I said but I'm gonna say my name cause I think it's  ✨beautiful✨ so.....enough stalling my name is Da'jhia you say it like "Day
Jul 29
July 28, 2022
Dear Diary, this is the first time I'm gonna mention this person but...i have a boyfriend his name is dayven and mines is not important but he's the best he helps with everything even tho I might make him mad once in a while he loves me to bits and p
Jul 28
hey here are some questions...  How is your day going? Whats your favorite color? How tall are u? Do u have any siblings? If u do how many do u have? What your favorite food?  do u like to draw?  Whats your relationship status? Lol  Do u l
Jul 26
July 26, 2022
Dear Diary, I'm that one bitch without a father like the bitch has three kids me being the youngest and he has the nerve to call me his fucking daughter and not be in my life.  My brother and sister left me at home knowing what my mother and step
Jul 26
Dear Diary, today wasn't so bad I'm at my aunties house playing music here are some of the songs... Only love can hurt like this - Paloma faith  If the world was ending - JP Saxe Story of my life - One Direction Lost boy - Ruth B. Easy on me - A
Jul 25
July 21, 2022
Dear Diary,ok I am so not ok my sister didn't answer her phone so I can't talk to her, I got yelled at for talking when I was told to shut up and sent to my room by my step dad and im alone...24/7 now and I have nobody to go too not even my mom cause
Jul 22
July 21, 2022
Dear Diary, ik I'm usually happy, smiling and funny I have some moments like now my mom just came from across the street pulling my sisters hair cause she didn't finish cleaning the kitchen then she was yelling and now she started yelling at me and h
Jul 21
Give me some answers ya'll
Dear Diary, if I'm gonna use this website I might as well get to know the other people so imma ask questions ya'll can answer or don't its your choice so....do u have a pet or pets? for me I have 2 German shepherds and I have 1 Tibetan mastiff, whats
Jul 21
July 20, 2022
Dear Diary, ik everybody has something that they hate about them ethir its a body part or personality for me its my tendency to cry I hate crying in front of people it gives me anxiety and if makes me panic but what I really hate is my arms they are
Jul 20