Chibi1965's Dear Diary

Dear A - June 25, 2022
Dear A,  I hope you buy her flowers, I hope you hold her hand more often, I hope you tell her she’s beautiful more often, I hope you buy her breakfast, I hope you give her more kisses on the forehead, I hope you kiss her hand more, I hope you giv
Jun 25
Dear A - June 21, 2022
Dear A, Have you ever had this tugging feeling in your heart? I’ve experienced it before. Every time  I hear you say what’s wrong, the time I told you I liked you and you said you were not ready, the time I wanted to end things between us after
Jun 21
Dear A - June 17, 2022
Dear A,  I asked you several times if you’ll be okay but deep down I was asking myself the same question and I knew the answer. It was no. Yet, despite how much I really want to be with you I keep having this gut feeling that we’re just not meant
Jun 17
Dear A - June 02, 2022
Dear A,  It honestly feels like a scene in a romcom when I remember the day you saw me and approached me with your usual “how are you doing”. The odds of us meeting in a place as big as that felt surreal and yet here I am missing you once again.
Jun 01
Dear A - April 09, 2022
Dear A, I’m awake when I should be sleeping. Your memories flood into my head again. I awoke from a pleasant dream. It felt surreal. I could see your smile, smell your cologne, hear your voice like melting butter. I miss you. I wish I could see y
Apr 08
Dear A - April 05, 2022
Dear A, Hey it’s me again, I missed you. I really did. I want to say I’m sorry but I don’t really know why I’m sorry. For agreeing to end things with you or for not fighting enough. I’ve held on for far too long it hurts to see you not bothered.
Apr 05