WILLOW's Dear Diary

May 26, 2022 #181
Dear Diary, I’m in that cafe after a month or maybe not.  Mr. E realized I visited his story post. How kind of him! He gave me some texts. I started doing street art again the other day.  The cafe is filled with chatty aunties. People here ar
May 26
May 23, 2022 #180
Dear Diary, I’m hella tired.  My job isn’t full time job. It’s part time. Today’s shift was only five hours. Sitting in front of a pc, waiting for the students who might come to checkout/in books. Cutting laminated sheets. 3h of commuting times. Tha
May 23
May 19, 2022 #178
Dear Diary, Well, I couldn’t fall asleep till five in the morning. It’s sunny day and the caffe I am in is filled with so many aunties. Every other tables!  The aunties here are basically talking about people in their work place.  The old lady
May 19
May 19, 2022 #177
Dear Diary, it’s a good news that my dad is having a day off to go to a concert tomorrow. And I also don’t have Friday shift this week. I had one on Monday already instead.         ☆・*。     ・゜+.     °。     + *´¨)      .· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)     
May 18
May 17, 2022 #175
Dear Diary, I’m back! I had my shifts on fri, sat, mon and tue. I haven’t been used to work like this yet, even though I should started to live like that, so it was so hard to me.  I can not have a good quality of sleep after finishing my shift.
May 17
May 16, 2022 #174
Dear Diary, hello it’s me again I am in my bed now. But it’s not coming yet. The sleep. Then suddenly get to feel vain. So here I am.  I don’t have specific named religions yet I am trying to learn the wisdoms from them. For example, I have a
May 16
May 12, 2022 #174
Dear Diary, today I didn’t have a shift. woke up at ten am as I opened my eyes. See? I’m getting better! I don’t need some hours of interval anymore.  The weather was unpredictable. So I gave up to go walk. Instead of taking a walk, I played ring
May 12
May 12, 2022 #173
Dear Diary, tonight I can’t sleep. It’s still one in the morning however, I am in bed since ten o’clock. I felt weird yesterday.  I tend to want a cup of coffee when it about to begin. Then my stomach starts feel sick. Then sadness comes after. I don
May 11
May 11, 2022 #172
Dear Diary, could you hear me about my work and other than work?  I currently have just 3 days a week work. It’s part time. Yes, after my graduation. I can be seen pity from the eyes of social standard.  But it’s actually good for both my health
May 10
April 30, 2022 #171
Dear Diary, Last midnight my grandma left the earth. Her husband I mean my grandpa and my fathers’ younger brother’s family live in their flat. But my family don’t. We visit them only several times a year. And last time I met her was February I gue
Apr 29
April 27, 2022 #170
Dear  Today was my first day to eat cannolu So yeah it’s gonna be an anniversary
Apr 27
April 25, 2022 #169 rambling about notebook uses
Dear Diary, I started another notebook today.  It was from flying tiger. It looks as if it has a biscuit design.  It was for bullet journaling. I don’t know why it says so cuz that method doesn’t require any specific tools. But anyway it says
Apr 25
April 25, 2022 #168
Dear Diary, things down below are my fav podcasts and music.  ESP. EMA’s podcast! This is the most important one. She is kinda like me I feel. But she already found out the way.  I want to keep them here with date stamp.
Apr 24
April 23, 2022 #167
Dear Diary,  Umm these days I’m in struggle. Even though I determined to focus on “my life” which is fixing my mental and physical health state, the world outside of me is like what will you do for your real career?! No ma’am but but it’s really dif
Apr 23
April 22, 2022 #166
Dear Diary, today was my first time on the work after training. Eight hours with one hour break. Feeling exhausted as hell.  I couldn’t be hired as full time worker of any company before I graduated from my uni. But working as a part time staff in t
Apr 22