WILLOW's Dear Diary

January 12, 2022 #148
Dear Diary, my family got Nintendo switch and ringfit game. We are going to be like 💪🏋️‍♂️🏃🚴🏋️‍♀️Lol
Jan 12
January 11, 2022 #147
Dear Diary, I apologized to mom about the message card from 10 years ago. But she remembered nothing about it. She was like… I just apologize to make myself feel better because she herself didn’t remember about it anymore. Hmmm yep. She is right. And
Jan 11
January 05, 2022 #149
Dear Diary, let me celebrate little bit. I at least submit the assignment. Phew! Don’t know if I’ll pass. Maybe not…? But at least I don’t have to bully me about this times skip cuz I didn’t skip.  I'm getting stronger lately!! Yes I am! Look at
Jan 05
January 05, 2022 #148
Dear Diary, It’s currently 21:44. And I’m in my bed but it’s to take a ‘nap’  I mean I don’t have enough energy to brush my teeth and soak in bath. Period came. Yes! My mammal female body finely starts working nicely. Without medicatiooooon!!!! Yaaa
Jan 05
January 04, 2022 #145
Dear Diary,  okay myself, get off my bed! And maybe go walk. It’s lovely sky outside. Let’s celebrate it! Or maybe i can go to find the white cat. Draw in my sketchbook I got. Do something fun! Maybe even  I can take some train trip. I don’t have
Jan 04
January 04, 2022 #144
Dear Diary, I felt sick this whole afternoon after I woke up at 5 am and headed to walk, and made 8k steps at a time. Felt my heart beating faster anxiously. My stomach also felt strange so that I didn’t have diner except tiny rice ball to prepare to
Jan 03
January 03, 2022 #143
Dear Diary, I decided this month’s 30 days challenge! Which is to have a nice morning time everyday. Well it means… after whatever time (It can be 6am but it maybe 13pm) I get off my bed, I will open up curtain and make bed cleanly enough and fold pj
Jan 02
December 31, 2021 #142
Dear Diary, I am in a cafe. Drinking tea. It’s cold outside so I am thinking what time should I head to home… I also had small strawberry parfait. No ice cream on it. So I liked it. Only half strawberries. But that’s okay. 2021 is ending. Ohh what s
Dec 31
December 30, 2021 #141
Dear Diary, it’s day before the New Year’s Eve! Ohhh my goodness!!! I can’t believe this. But umm, this December was nice. I can feel something was changed in me. I didn’t give up the 30 days challenge, which was doing 15 minuets of tidying up. I
Dec 30
December 28, 2021 #138
Dear Diary, I realized that I have lived my life thinking what other people think about me than my own perspective. For example, even when I achieve small goal, I tended to think it’s not big deal comparing to others. BEFORE I PROUD OF THE ACHIEVEMEN
Dec 28
December 22, 2021 #134
Dear Diary, one day I wrote that I suddenly feel like I have to read otherwise my brain will go bad. And I actually went to buy several good classic books… by train!!! I had already read one, Kafka’s the metamorphose. I found it is a very interesting
Dec 22
December 22, 2021 #133
Dear Diary, I woke up around 5am this morning. I decided to not fall asleep again so I scrolled my phone like one hour. And then determined to go walk and to see morning glow. I actually kinda did it. The sky wasn’t red enough as I expected but still
Dec 22
December 21, 2021 #132
Dear Diary, I want to tell myself that even if other people see my progress is small as baby step, I do know it’s very meaningful to me. I tried many times to be changed and fails many times in my life. And here I am. This time however, I definitely
Dec 21
December 21, 2021 #131
Dear Diary, I struggled to get off my bed this morning. But I promised with myself to start to walk by noon so yep I left my home at 11:40 and then hit the road. My mom was angry and sad and still is because I didn’t show up in the morning… she think
Dec 21
December 20, 2021 #129
Dear Diary, I slept sooo long today. Till around two pm. I got off the bed once at ten am and had breakfast then went to back in my bed to avoid to hear vacuum cleaner noise. And fell asleep…  Went walk after lunch but it was about 2000 steps. I
Dec 19