WILLOW's Dear Diary

September 26, 2023 #460
Dear Diary,  Does someone likes the French movie  “Amélie”?  My body and health are not balanced these days. Things I don’t have to care bothers me. And it bothers me and annoys me because that makes me feel like I am so small like a little child.
Sep 25
September 23, 2023 #459
Dear Diary, okay so yesterday was my birthday. I constantly feel pissed or annoyed at work but so far it’s okay. I don’t have birthday blue this time.  I sent to my almost birthday twin. She replied me back and we are planning to have a lunch or tea
Sep 23
September 20, 2023 #458
Dear Diary, i feel sick but i have to go to work tomorrow. I already took day offs two days in a row. This is just a small thing. But this small thing is big enough to makes me feel like shit… i don't know why… when o feel sick, i feel irritated… cuz
Sep 20
September 19, 2023 #457
Dear Diary,  My body feels heavy…!
Sep 19
September 13, 2023 #456
Dear Diary, i bought so many buddhism  philosophy books today… like 5 or 7??  In the second handed book store, i found a book with someones ID picture between pages. Kinda creepy…? But also felt like Nino Quincampoix…? But why he collects those
Sep 13
September 10, 2023 #454
Dear Diary, new air conditioner is installed in my room. It makes weird noise which sound like human rumbling noise. Probably it’s because of some water in the pipe or something.  I am feeling my period sadness coming gradually from somewhere far
Sep 10
September 10, 2023 #453
Dear Diary,  So… I met my childhood friend after a year. We don’t share much since we graduated from junior high. And we didn't talked much. That’s okay. We agreed that we were in good vibe. Overall i had a good time with her. But i felt a bit sad t
Sep 10
September 06, 2023 #452
Dear Diary, recently I am concerning about my sugar intake.  And today, I drank a bottle of sweetened coffee around 7pm. My stomach luckily feels okay. But the caffeine starts get me now. It’s about 10:30.
Sep 06
September 04, 2023 #451
Dear Diary, I left my office before 6 today.  So I took walk and got lost kinda… And found a convenience store then had a me time eating blueberry sundae, listening to a horror podcast… sugar is bad but as long as I can enjoy it fully it’s okay. Th
Sep 04
September 02, 2023 #450
Dear Diary, I fall asleep without blushing my teeth and without taking shower.  And woke up at 4:20 to a leg cramp… 😖😖😖 But thanks to it, I could blush my teeth… At 4:20…?? Better than nothing🦷🪥
Sep 02
August 31, 2023 #448
Dear Diary, I worked till 7:30 I didn’t know it’s a big deal when it comes for every workday.  My arms are shaking  But it was a good time to walk to the station with ms. S.  I have no idea why she can be so active and  cheerful everyday ev
Aug 31
August 30, 2023 #447
Dear Diary, I have to go to bed at proper time today!!! It’s already past 8. I’m not at home yet.  I worked till 7 today…. I didn’t know it’s enough to make myself exhausted.  But I have a plan to hangout with my childhood friend this Satur
Aug 30
August 30, 2023 #446
Dear Diary, I fell asleep after having dinner. Then I remember I saw my watch at 22:30, 1:20, And I took shower and brushed my teeth at 3 AM. Now it’s 3:50 And am trying to sleep again.  I still have to get through Wednesday to Friday…
Aug 29
August 29, 2023 #445
Dear Diary, I fell asleep before getting ready to bed. And I took shower and brushed my teeth at 3 AM. And am trying to sleep again.  Hmm I only finished Monday…
Aug 28
August 27, 2023 #444
Dear Diary, Okay, let’s catch up with my self. There’s actually some good things as well, remember!  These days I have been stressed even though I don’t want to. That’s no good. Let’s get myself back again and start a new week as who I want to be.
Aug 27