WILLOW's Dear Diary

February 12, 2024 #508
Dear Diary, I bought a tiny notebook (EDiT B7) to do a love journal…inspired by a YouTube video by Parknotes. The tininess of the notebook implies the hesitation in myself. I really like them but I still don’t know what exactly supposed to be fal
Feb 12
February 10, 2024 #508
Dear Diary, finally it’s weekend😭😭😭
Feb 10
January 27, 2024 #507
Dear Diary, I skipped my antidepressants last night to try if I am okay without them. I am not prescribed many doses. It’s just enough amount to prevent seasonal depression. (My psychiatrist told me I might have a similar symptom to bipolar disorder
Jan 27
January 20, 2024 #506
Dear Diary, I finally ate same things my family ate for dinner!
Jan 20
January 20, 2024 #505
Dear Diary, I keep eating porridge everyday still. When can I go back to normal meals?
Jan 20
January 10, 2024 #504
Dear Diary, I’m still sick in bed. My doctor said I still should not eat normally. It’s been since Dec. 31. I’m wondering if I am still okay without any protein or any sources of vitamins. I am getting weak but I feel like I cannot keep using my paye
Jan 10
January 09, 2024 #503
Dear Diary, Tamisha..? Who’s she? The name came up in my mind…
Jan 09
January 07, 2024 #502
Dear Diary, I still have stomach issues… the new year so far has been fighting with bad diarrhea… Literally..”Oh shit” I’ve never experienced any cases this bad.  Help me I haven’t been able to eat.
Jan 07
December 31, 2023 #501
Dear Diary, I got fever 🤒 on New Year’s Eve!  But this year has been good. Very good.  I found a reliable psychiatrist and my estrogen pills works well I guess?? Didn’t have long term struggles of seasonal depression this year.  I got a ful
Dec 31
December 30, 2023 #500
Dear Diary, I want to buy some flowers to welcome upcoming new year🤔 Feeling like it’s a good thing!  But my home is too messy to decorate them 😂  Oh boy!
Dec 30
December 23, 2023 #499
Dear Diary, well I decided to go to yoga lesson tomorrow at 11 am before 2023 ends. But it’s gonna be my first time for this time. I am wondering if there’s a plan for 2times/month. I don’t need 4 times/month.  Going to yoga… that means I need wa
Dec 23
November 14, 2023 #498
Dear Diary, I’m feeling exhausted.  I don’t want to be with him in a car alone tomorrow even though I said to my boss that’s okay if it’s for a short time. I don’t want to be selfish at work but I don’t want to be with him as possible as I can. But
Nov 14
November 12, 2023 #497
Dear Diary, I don’t feel like doing something… well it’s already Sunday night after dinner…  I’m in my warm bed. It’s still good enough. I am kinda happy. I will Miss Weekend on the weekdays… feeling a bit depressed (it’s end of rest period of estro
Nov 12
November 05, 2023 #496
Dear Diary, hmm I’m feeling low now. I’m trying to be a grownup. Struggling with my first year of office life and I think that happens to everyone and anywhere and that’s okay so far.
Nov 05
November 01, 2023 #495
Dear Diary, yay I did it! I didn’t by anything today!
Nov 01