WILLOW's Dear Diary

September 27, 2022 #286
Dear Diary, last night I was cold under my blanket. i want to go walk today. To somewhere feels good. But I have no idea where it is. I can take me a Ferris wheel near me. Last time was before pandemic in Atlanta. It wasn’t that big but I had never s
Sep 27
September 27, 2022 #285
Dear Diary, I stood up for myself. I got yelled at by dad just because he was stressed. This happens sometimes and I had thought I should not have to care about. Because that is not my business. But it’s not really okay because it’s a trigger for me.
Sep 26
September 25, 2022 #284
Dear Diary, Hey, it’s new moon already. The month is ending again. What have I done for today? Nah almost nothing but umm I went to yoga class after 2 weeks later. But I didn’t like the feeling after nap. I have no idea how long I slept… Hmm and I
Sep 25
September 24, 2022 #283
Dear Diary, I just cut my hair off and am feeling good. Especially I love my bangs. They makes me feel “I’m back!” They are approximately 1inc above my eyebrows. I don’t need hair dresser every 3 months anymore.  I am a sincere person. I always d
Sep 24
September 24, 2022 #282
Dear Diary, these are my problems I need to tackle. And they are likely to be solved. But umm I am struggling:( 1. Sugar addiction/ too much sugar  2. Cafe visiting  3. Unhealthy sleep schedule 4. And I think I am phone addicted too :(((  1
Sep 24
September 23, 2022 #281
Dear Diary, I finished today’s shift. I know the main problem I currently need to tackle is my sleep schedule.  Winter has begun. It’s autumn equinox. National holiday? Not for me. But that’s okay because I met students who has transfer admission
Sep 23
September 23, 2022 #280
Dear Diary, I had birthday depression yesterday. It was kinda severe at night. Because my dad mentioned about my future. I couldn’t fall asleep easily. I was just venting my sad and stupid thoughts out. I didn’t have nightmares last night though. I c
Sep 22
September 21, 2022 #272
Dear Diary, started doing the morning pages method since yesterday. I thought it eight help to deal with my morning anxious thoughts 💭 but I just needed to spare some minutes to wait them fade by itself. But I can think of morning pages while I am w
Sep 20
September 18, 2022 #268
Dear Diary, I think it was an okay day. But If I could, I wanted to be a little bit more energetic just enough to have a good chat with the student and the student staff. I felt so happy when she said she remembered me even my name! I wanted to say “
Sep 17
September 14, 2022 #267
Dear Diary, to be honest, I am in a weird situation. Well it’s only in my mind and it was created by myself tho.  I don’t know but I was trying to study bible. But it’s not so common to have a specific religion here. So I have no background informat
Sep 14
September 11, 2022 #265
Dear Diary, these days I have nightmares. They are seriously scary like I had never had that kind of nightmare before.  It’s already evening but I still can’t let go.  I was at beach with a short haired girl. Around 10 years old I guess. We w
Sep 11
September 08, 2022 #264
Dear Diary, I worked two days in a row. Just two. That’s it. Not five. And what I was doing was basically sitting in front of the pc and playing with Canva. Sometimes students needed me but that’s it.  Why am I this tired?  I need to have full t
Sep 08
September 02, 2022 #262
Dear Diary, watching so many episodes of full house and attending a yoga class were almost all I did today.  So I don’t have reason to stay here but I just want to. My screen is too bright:(
Sep 01
September 01, 2022 #261
Dear Diary, Omg it’s almost September y’all  I don’t want to believe it  Awww Hope something positive happens. I ended up the August without finishing my resume. I still have no idea how I can be a someone who the company wants. I would say I am
Aug 31
August 30, 2022 #259
Dear Diary, yesterday was the first day of term 2. No class helper duty so completely easy. I even got a delicious gift and it was one of my favorite sweet.  I walked to home instead of taking a bus from the station and tried yoga.  It’s really
Aug 30