WILLOW's Dear Diary

December 04, 2022 #382
Dear Diary, I changed my phone. All the sudden! I wasn’t really prepared for it. But it was done safely. I can still use all my gmail accounts, Instagram accounts, text app, Daylio, and this app!!! Phew! I was scared…  And that was so stressful t
Dec 04
December 01, 2022 #381
Dear Diary, I was kinda tired today. My brain was partially dead lol. 10h of hanging out two days in a row. Understandable, totally.
Dec 01
November 29, 2022 #379
Dear Diary, hey I was listening to Rammstein, Foo Fighters, Supremes, and Donovan all day long.  My favorites. It’s really great that I can listen to music again. My brain is not that sensitive anymore :) I went to walk… or to do shopping. I
Nov 29
November 28, 2022 #378
Dear Diary, oooooooohhhhhhh gosh I accidentally came out to my mom like one hour agoooooooooohhhhhh My sogi is not drastically different from majority I guess tho… So I didn’t expect myself to do this.  Being not clearly a girl but also fem
Nov 28
November 24, 2022 #373
Dear Diary, Wait… does GAP relate to military thing? Like previous years. I am thinking about that garment chain. And can’t stop it.  It could mean general army products… Years ago when I was walking around with my friends there’s a shop selling vi
Nov 23
November 23, 2022 #372
Dear Diary, I got email about my shift for December this morning. So I answered I am ready to work again. But they told me that they have fixed schedule for 1st to 3rd and the school will be closed from 13th and there’s important events during the we
Nov 23
November 21, 2022 #370
Dear Diary, tomorrow is the day. I finally meet my friend. I am nervous.
Nov 21
November 21, 2022 #369
Dear Diary, can’t sleep:(  I am going to see my friend on Tuesday. I am not that familiar with the place I suggested. It will be fun tho. Tomorrow is rainy day and I have no idea what will she do. Rainy day is not suitable for sightseeing. Local peo
Nov 20
November 19, 2022 #368
Dear Diary, I got a text that my friend is in my country now! Ohh why am I a person who’s dealing with depression and anxiety…! My hair is kinda mess because I cut my hair by myself for almost a year. What should I tell if she asks me “how have you b
Nov 19
November 18, 2022 #366
Dear Diary, today I didn’t spend any money yay! And I didn’t use my phone in my bed last night before sleep. It was 10 when I got up but I went to walk/soak sun at 10:30. There’s nothing to do so it’s hard to keep myself from bed but I did great. 
Nov 18
November 17, 2022 #365
Dear Diary, to be honest, I am messing up my sleep schedule again. I just didn’t want to fall asleep last night and somehow I was watching BoJack Horseman… I didn’t actually find it fun or interesting but I guess I liked the graphics. I stopped watch
Nov 17
November 16, 2022 #363
Dear Diary, I had another therapy session today to heal my past and to live without meaningless self punishment.  I did it by myself first by using a notebook and a pen. I was sure it worked. But I wasn’t sure if I was okay to be healed by doing
Nov 16
November 16, 2022 #362
Dear Diary, today I woke up around 3:30 am middle of a nightmare. A dude called D. Don’t trust his company because they could be brain washed by him! That’s what I remember. I think this is simply from The Titans. I should probably stop watching it. 
Nov 16
November 14, 2022 #361
Dear Diary, I started watching Titans. It’s good enough to distract myself from thinking about meaningless negative thoughts. The screen was dark almost all the time. That’s helpful.  I am trying to learn how to cope with my mental health problem
Nov 14
November 13, 2022 #360
Dear Diary, I started micro journaling with Daylio app and it’s been a month. My mood graph shows I have been a low place for a week. But today it shows I am feeling “okay” which I set up as manageable.  I do yoga poses practice for 20 minutes. S
Nov 13