WILLOW's Dear Diary

March 27, 2023 #416
Dear Diary, I’m lately feeling like I’m going down to the pass towards depression. No I’m not going back there again at least until next winter comes.  I don’t know but I find myself tearing for nothing. Nothing but after eating, before and aft
Mar 27
March 21, 2023 #415
Dear Diary, I wrote a birthday card for her. And cut our enough amount of confetti in flower petal shape. I already glued the envelope. But now I am not sure. How does it sounds to her when I write “I hope this year will be as special as you are”
Mar 21
March 18, 2023 #414
Dear Diary, Mhhhh I hate myself when I find myself I’ve been doing mindfulness scrolling on the phone😞😞😞😞😞 Let’s fix this!!!👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👍🏼💚☀️
Mar 18
March 12, 2023 #413
Dear Diary, I went to walk and went to hair salon for the first time since 3 years ago. I grew my hair for 2 years and had been taken care for a year. I liked diy wolf style haircut. But it went asymmetrical. I liked how bumpy it looks tho.   Now
Mar 12
March 07, 2023 #411
Dear Diary, I love tea but I can’t handle caffeine  It causes anxiety and makes me physically low energy, lowers my body temperature, caffeine sucks….   I’ve never heard of decaf green tea or jasmine tea Recently my caffeine tolerance i
Mar 07
February 28, 2023 #410
Dear Diary, it’s actually midnight. Can you believe it? It’s March 1st already!  And I am going to go to my company for the first time as an actual worker on April 3rd.  I have to learn some fundamental things about office software I guess…
Feb 28
February 23, 2023 #409
Dear Diary, This years new years fortune telling for virgo was like Virgo have been in difficult time for 6 or 7 years but it will be changed this year. Sounds accurate🤔
Feb 23
February 20, 2023 #408
Dear Diary, today I had the last interview…!!  They let me know the result within a week. Oph!
Feb 20
February 13, 2023 #407
Dear Diary, Tomorrow is job interview day☀️☀️☀️🙏🙏🙏
Feb 13
January 25, 2023 #405
Dear Diary, idk but I’m feeling a bit sad for no reason again. ✨SFNR✨💃 Tomorrow I have my afternoon shift. I will be okay.  My mom is still in her room. We argued yesterday. She did rapid test to check if she’s covid free. She sent
Jan 25
January 21, 2023 #404
Dear Diary, Day 5 ends!! I made it!! My dad will be allowed to go outside according the covid patients policy bu the government. My little sister’s still healthy. I have to do her antigen test tomorrow morning before she leaves.  I took my sister
Jan 21
January 21, 2023 #403
Dear Diary, Day 4 ended! I and my sister are still healthy😌👌 My parents are going well from covid.  I don’t really need to worry really really seriously. I still need to be careful tho.  And they enjoyed my microwave only meals. I manage to feed
Jan 20
January 19, 2023 #402
Dear Diary, day 3 is over. On Saturday, we I mean I and my sis will be free. Tired. Took naps several times.
Jan 19
January 18, 2023 #401
Dear Diary, I’m finishing day 2, guys. My sister and myself are still doing okay. But I am not sure if I can maintain this situation until 24th next Tuesday.  I’m also worrying this boring alone week will cause my little sister’s hallucination ag
Jan 18
January 17, 2023 #400
Dear Diary, oh no my mother also caught covid. I and my little sister were stayed together with her all fay. She cooked for us. My little sis had been slept in the same room with her. We are all💀💀🥲 idk what should i do…  Idk my throat feels itchy
Jan 16