Pen's Dear Diary

July 31, 2020{ T }
Dear Diary, ūü§§ So update from not having an all day text ūü§Ē , I sent him a song and he sent me another song back! A nice one. He got the hint and we been back and forth with it just sending each other songs. And love songs too.¬† This is weird co
Jul 31
July 29, 2020{ T }
Today I didnt get a text from him. Bad sign. Because this is his pattern before he ghosts me. And what do I do? I send him a youtube video song that I found to suit my feelings for him. Hope he gets the hint. Very likely he'll blow it off and change
Jul 30
July 26, 2020{ T }
Dear Diary, ‚̧‚̧‚̧‚̧‚̧‚̧ I feel happy like any fool would.¬† I'm so happy I could cry, I'm also so vulnerable right now I could cry.¬† I saw him today.¬† He pulled me in to cuddle as we watched a movie. We went to go eat and came back and this time I pul
Jul 27
July 19, 2020{ T }
Dear Diary, I saw him today.  So since last week , I've been telling him about how I have an ex from the past three years and idk why but that might be why hes not being his usual kissy self? At the time that I was leaving he gets so loveable and
Jul 20
July 12, 2020{ T }
Small things are happening. Hes okay with me talking with his parents and doesn't try to hide me as much. It's a latino thing where we just hide our "new" friendships from our parents.I told him I love him. And I meant it. Only thing was, it was said
Jul 13
July 11, 2020 { T }
Dear Diary, Guess. What. Thee fellow I had the dream about (on previous posts) and the one whom I matched on an app for singles.¬† . .¬†¬† I messaged him and we hung out. Just now. My gosh it was wonderful ‚ėļÔłŹ. No kisses today but a few long hugs.
Jul 12
July 11, 2020 { T }
!!!!!!! I found my ex on a dating site. I want to talk to him SO bad ! I just cant make the first move because of how often hes ghosted me and it's just sad all together. But at least we matched...(he did that first).. Any advice?
Jul 11
July 07, 2020 { T }
Dear Diary, I had a dream about "the one who got away". It was so vivid and felt amazing. We were starting to talk and hang out like we used to but this time he was more into me this time. Sweeter and kinder.  I was abruptly woken up, however, by
Jul 08
July 04, 2020 { W }
I spontaneously asked"Are you in love with her?" Inhaling the realization Of the circumstances  Pausing before exhaling  10 years and counting Of pausing after inhaling With no care as to what my body needs, I break down, and endure the ongoing pain,
Jul 04