July 29, 2020{ T }


Today I didnt get a text from him. Bad sign. Because this is his pattern before he ghosts me. And what do I do? I send him a youtube video song that I found to suit my feelings for him. Hope he gets the hint. Very likely he'll blow it off and change subjects, tho. 
Last time I hung out with him, he asked if I still write poems. I said not in a while. Meaning no because it no longer appealed to me to write about anyone else. Just him. I wish things were that simple. 
He told he was in a relationship for OVER a year about a year ago.... I couldn't have him in my life for longer than 6 months. 😣 I was jealous. What did she have that I didnt? Apparently she wasn't very true to the relationship. Damn, shes stupid. Hes an amazing guy from head to toe. I've been obsessed with him since I met him in 2014. I hate myself for putting myself through all of this for the hundredth time. Secretly hoping he'll realize I'm the one and that we'll live happily ever after. ❤💀