LostInWonderland's Dear Diary

May 24, 2023
Dear You, I’m lonely. It seems like everyday we keep growing apart. Some days, we’re okay. But most days, it seems that we just do what we have to do. I have to ask for hug for just a minute. I miss you. I miss my best friend. And I wish you stil
May 25
April 27, 2023
Dear you, just when I thought you’re done playing with my heart because you whisper sweet words to make my knees go weak, here you are again slowly breaking the tiny pieces that’s already broken. I wonder if you think about the pain my heart goes thr
Apr 28
April 14, 2023
Dear you,  It’s not like I’ve given up on us… it’s more like I got tired of the constant judgements and comments for those waiting for you and i to end. Like predators awaiting to claw their way into your heart so they have no problem slandering
Apr 15
April 13, 2023
Dear you, I miss you. I miss my best friend. I wish we could go back to how we used to. I want to run into your arms and cry. I wish you see me like how you used to.
Apr 13
March 25, 2023
Dear you, I had grown comfortable on my own skin. I wish you understand that I am okay without friends. And I know you don’t like that it may look like that I’ve become dependent on you but you’re wrong. I never open up to anybody but only to you
Mar 26
March 15, 2023
Dear you, Today I realized that I haven’t been checking on her for some reason. I haven’t been bothered by the presence of her and I thought wow. It’s the first time in a long time that I felt relieved and realized I don’t hold those kind of emot
Mar 15
March 08, 2023
Dear you,  There are days that I doubt about everything and negative thoughts swarm in my head, flooding my brain, then I sit and cry questioning every memories I had.  I wish I could tell you every little thing that goes on inside my mind, to every
Mar 08
March 07, 2023
Dear you, I wish we could go back to yesteryear to where our memories were filled with laughter at every corner of the room and just sitting dreaming about the future we wanted  Not like this. Trying to hide my emotions from you while you’re
Mar 07
March 07, 2023
Dear you, I wish I could talk to you like I used to. I wish you understood me like you used to. But right now we’re into deep in the abyss that we’re both drowning. You don’t see me and I don’t see you. And it seems that we’ve outgrown each other
Mar 07