Maddiee's Dear Diary

January 17, 2022
Dear Diary, Every day, the fact that I'm not exactly the ideal daughter makes me feel bad for my mom dad. I am not at all good at studies, which is literally the only thing they want from me. Well, I love to draw and write, though. Honestly, I c
Jan 17
January 16, 2022
Dear Diary, There's this guy who happened to catch my eye. We haven't talked at all yet. But I was curious about him since I first saw him. It's not love obviously coz that happens only when u know the person well. Still, it's a "butterflies" mo
Jan 16
January 13, 2022
Dear Diary, I'm really very happy nowadays, that it doesn't feel right. I always think that something bad is about to happen, bcz it's never been a peaceful life for me, like it is now. Oh I want things to remain as they are now. Not asking for
Jan 13
January 08, 2022
Dear Diary, Today my parents were discussing smtg about the right age for marriage. They were like, "23-24 is the perfect age for a girl to get married.". WHATTTT??!!...I personally feel this is too early. Hate to break my parents' heart, but I
Jan 08
January 04, 2022
Dear Diary, You know there are so many people I was really close with before, can say best friends, and some were more than that. Now tho, we rarely talk. We all have accounts on social media, still all we do is share memes, that too, once in a
Jan 04
January 03, 2022
Dear Diary, This is my first entry so I'd better give a brief intro about myself. I'm a 16 yr old kid who overthinks every little thing in life. I have strict but loving parents, and my humor really is great, no kidding!! I've always loved keep
Jan 03