Mrs. Brightside's Dear Diary

Back in school🗿
They didn’t allow to switch schools….fuck my life….but thankfully only 2 months left and then ✨SUMMER✨ . I think ima spend most of my time in the library today cuz there’s nothing else to do. Idk anyways yea SLAY QUEEN😃💅🏽
Apr 01
I’m fucked
I don’t know if I have an eating disorder, tbh I don’t really think I do????  But anyways I’m obsessed with the hourglass figure body and just being skinny overall, if I see myself gaining weight I will cry💀✋🏽 So I usually just starve mysel
Mar 31
New Start
so lately I've been thinking about switching schools and leaving all of this bullshit behind, I'm tired of all this negativity and toxic bullshit and this people who call themselves my friends yet switch up real quick and easy when I'm gone. And I ho
Mar 28
Old friend (TW)🔪🩸
So today I met a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in like a really long time and it was so amazing! She looks amazing and her energy is incredible but something bad happened or is happening, she used to cut her and it looked like a lot :/ and i didn’t kn
Mar 28
so what have I been up to? well, ALOT has happened I can tell you that for sure!  so let's start off with the fact that I gave my first blowjob, I feel so free honestly, my family is very short and I can only count like 5 family members who I don
Mar 06
Pleas read I beg
So a couple months ago I got harassed by this guy in my class when that happened the thought of him would piss me of so much and I would just feel so much anger but lately I’m trying to let go of the anger and move on from this but for some reason wh
Mar 03
Catch up
How have things been?  Well…I’m still dating Harley and it’s going pretty good so far. Me and Mari are becoming closer. Her boyfriend Jeremy and I are getting along a bit more. School is pretty good.  Now with more context Me and Harley, well I’m hap
Feb 20
February 17, 2022
Feb 18
Pussy and Pussy
Guess who gonna experiment with their best friend👀💅🏽😏✂️  ME BITCH!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Feb 02
The one
I love Harley so much. He gets me so well🥰 we both hate children and old people together, both like peace but love violence, are toxic and huge assholes✨I mean he literally brings out the best in me💖 all these other guys with them I feel like some
Jan 31
Bruh I thought I didn’t have class today, I thought I had this Monday off but nope apparently I didn’t, I had class all along😭💀💅🏽 I hate my aunts personality sometimes. I love how my family calls me sensitive yet the slightest criticism my aunt h
Jan 31
I FEEL SOOOOO HAPPYYYYYY Me and my ex are talking again and it’s going so fucking amazing🥰 I forgot how cute and awkward he was AAAAAAAAA💖💖💖 Life is going so well rn, my 2 best friends are amazing m, school is pretty fun and chill and now he’s ba
Jan 30
My ex and I are talking again… it’s normal and nice  I didn’t know that I missed him that much… We’re talking and all I wanna do is just hug him and kiss him and call him baby and take him out and spoil him😭😭😭😭
Jan 29
Teen gossip
I love high school 💖and hate it💗
Jan 28
I texted my ex last night 🙄 Apparently I’m obsessive and I’m mean😒 bruh Anyways I ain’t done with him yet, tbh he a real nice guy so ima try to end things with him in a good way. My other ex followed me on insta also👀 tbh I was asking for it🧍🏽‍♀
Jan 28