Mrs. Brightside's Dear Diary

Dear Dairy I want dick and confidence...
Dec 03
Sharks, Orcas, Mushrooms, Snakes and Bees
I wish I could swim with sharks and orcas. I want a mushroom garden :/ and I also have grown an obsession with bees? I'm starting to put on really sweet perfumes because we have LOTS of bees at school so I get sort of close to them and end so far I'v
Dec 03
24/7 got you on my mind
I wanna do Just Dance all night and I wanna go to the beach at 3 am.
Dec 02
3 wishes i guess idk
I wish I would have volunteered for class president and I wish I had the confidence my class president has :/ she so awesome and demanding no one takes her as a joke and everyone does what she says...THAT is what I want control over people and contro
Dec 02
hello stranger <3
Hi stranger I think you are like REALLY fucking hot and I hope you have a WONDERFULL FANTASTICAL MONTH AND YEAR AND LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 30
MVFNDNFIVDN...yesssss slay queen!!!
I got a vanilla lavender drink with some tacos PLUS Baskin robbins and my mom's friend paid me $100 to clean her daughter's room YAY and I got bought me a new phone cover, 2 new pairs of earrings and some really cute sweatpants on shein now we wait a
Nov 30
EY YES YOU!!!I SEE YOU I KNOW U LOOKED!!! DON'T GO AWAY!! help me with something real quick, how do I reply to someone's comment on here? or like it?
Nov 30
To my ex best friend
6 years she was my best friend, she was like a sister to me, she was family for 6 years...she left I think about a month ago and the reason was that she was getting "too close to me" ... you couldn't have figured that shit out six years ago? it took
Nov 28
blow my brains
Thanksgiving is so boring...
Nov 25
beep boop beep beep
the urge I have to do cocaine right now is just impossible I also want a cold vanilla lavender drink with purple food coloring and tacos!!!
Nov 25
EYO YOU REAL CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 25
Turkey Flurkey
Thanksgiving is gonna be so absolutely boring, ima try and start a family fight :3
Nov 25
Dear Diary, I'm finally learning how to make a Sigil and I've already made my own :3 Yesterday I used 3 sigils one for protection another one for love and another one for good luck and I wrote the angel number 7777 on my arm with a green marker. I d
Nov 24
November 24, 2021
Dear Diary, I wanna be a striper so bad :(
Nov 24
November 23, 2021
Dear Diary, first time here...this is quite interesting. I like staking so this is VERY intriguing for me.
Nov 24