Reader91 's Dear Diary

August 05, 2021
Dear Maya, I have come to several realisations.  1. I am truly happy with the work I never wanted. I work in a factory from 5 till 2 in de morning. Yet I find myself at peace with my career because I have tons of afternoon time for myself now
Aug 05
July 12, 2021
Dear Maya, It has been a while since I wrote on this app. Yesterday I started a happiness jar. It's a jar where you put a small piece of paper in every day with one thing that makes you happy. I have made a category system. Orange is people, gree
Jul 12
June 27, 2021
Dear Maya, I should be sleeping but I have come to a realization. I red a question a few days ago. It was a would you rather. Would you rather go back to being 10 years old with all the knowledge you have now or be 40 with a million on your banka
Jun 27
June 09, 2021
Dear Maya, Do you people out there ever get a flashback from a bad time in your childhood that you were ashamed of before and now you just want to hug your younger self? I remember this one time when I was 8 or 9. I had gotten this geology set for
Jun 08
May 13, 2021
Dear Maya, Today I woke up with a panicked feeling. I held that feeling the whole day and it honsetly ruined everything. I still finished a drawing I had been working on longer tham expected. And I wrote a couple of character plots for my book. M
May 13
May 12, 2021
Dear Maya, Today was great, but before I tell you about my day, let me tell you about a struggle I have.  Anytime I have a cringy moment or a bad moment I link that moment to the object or song that caused it or was present during it. I sung
May 12
May 09, 2021
Dear Maya, I have started my open diary today. I actually wanted this before I knew it existed. I never was great at keeping diary's primarily because I saw no point in explaining my day if nobody was going to read it anyway. I just want to tell
May 09