Florence-Farah's Dear Diary

Importance of a Friendship First before anything else.
"You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you" This sentence right here, this is it; possibly one of my fears - Of falling in love with someone so quickly before actually getting to know them. Knowing what a person is like before th
Jul 10
A heart-to-heart my anxiety.
Dear Diary, why do I always have to think deep before bed? It’s hard to fall asleep and I really wish I could shut my thoughts off. I was in a little argument/misunderstanding earlier and I felt a little upset and noticed myself tear up a little.
Jul 03
June2020, My Werner
Dear Diary, Cutie Werner has been on my mind for months, I’ve been swooning over him for months! Technically I didn’t really want a relationship again.. but with him? I see the possibility of one! A very certain 95% possibility. It’s been 6 mo
Jun 29
June 2020, Werner thing.
Dear Diary,                 I find myself looking at his pictures before I sleep quite often, it makes me smile. I screenshot some of the important chats, just to re-read them as they bring glee to my soul.       He seems too perfect and that’s no
Jun 28
June 2020, Werner thing- Describing the Guy I’m seeing.
Dear Diary, I can’t believe I really went from having a boyfriend that would never apologize for every kind of fucked up thing he did frequently TO a guy who won’t stop apologizing! won’t stop saying sorry for the very little things even if there’s
Jun 23