Putting a toxic relationship behind


Dear Diary,

Was in a toxic relationship(He was verbally abusive) last year and he kept breaking up and coming back to me and made me feel like a terrible person and guilted me like I'm not the type of girlfriend that'll support their boyfriends no matter what to take him back. Did all kinds of shit and never apologized for it and finally, things broke off 7-9 months ago (Bc I wouldn't look away from all his toxic behavior And would advise him to stop hurting me and he would call me a bitch) saying I'll just find another boyfriend and I'll move on. Is that so bad? I've finally moved on but he tried to contact me recently like verbally abusing me for moving on and liking someone I've been talking to. I feel so annoyed, What is so wrong in moving on? That doesn't mean someone never loved you, it means they've been hurt enough and can't stand by to be treated like shit over and over. But I feel bad bc people like that exist and pity the next girl he's going to be in a relationship with and mentally affected me so much that I have commitment issues and can't feel like being in a relationship again is a good idea.