Wallflower's Dear Diary

June 28, 2020
Dear Diary, My ex-boyfriend called me at 2:00 am this morning. I shouldn’t have answered his call because I am tired of playing his dumb games. He asked me if I still have feelings for him and If I miss him. Of course, I still have feelings f
Jun 29
August 14, 2019
Dear Diary, I am sick and tired of people telling me i am too skinny and i should eat more everywhere i go. i eat well, sometimes i even eat immoderately. the fact i am skinny doesn't mean I am suffering from an eating disorder. a couple of days
Aug 14
August 13, 2019
Dear Diary, Though i am feeble and dizzy for today's exhausting hectic day, I can't sleep. I think i am going to stop reading the crime section in the New York Times, for i have lately been quite apprehensive about the safety of my neighboorhood
Aug 13
August 11, 2019
Dear Diary,  My mom, younger brother, and i came to visit my grandparents who live in Mexicali, B.C, Mexico. We are staying over the night and we will depart tomorrow night. My grandparents live in a deserted village with a dearth of green natur
Aug 12
August 10, 2019
Dear Diary, I am so frustrated and upset with everybody and everything today. Saturdays are always so horrible. I seriously do not want to go out to eat at the new restaurant because i want to stay lying on the bed all day. But my mom says it is
Aug 11
August 09, 2019
Dear Diary, I don't know what's wrong with my mom and brother. I feel like Matilda when she lived with her horrible ignorant family who banned her from reading and coerced her into watching TV shows. Sometimes I think my mother surrendered me to
Aug 09
August 08, 2019
Dear Diary, happiness has crumbled in this house ever since my father left. During the first weeks of his departure, my mom was distraught with grief. She spent a whole week isolated in her bedroom, sobbing relentlessly, yanking her hair, and to
Aug 09
August 08, 2019
Dear Diary,  I am euphoric today.  My father has just bought me a car and i can't express how grateful i am for this valuable gift. I didn't expect he would purchase me a car because he had recently said i should work and buy my own car. Even tho
Aug 09