Overthinker 🧚🏻‍♀️'s Dear Diary

May 17, 2024
Dear Diary,I hate summer
May 17
May 06, 2024
Dear Diary, I miss my future husband
May 06
May 05, 2024
May 05
April 04, 2024
Dear Diary, finally I started publishing my book which I wrote when i was 16 and now I'm 20💀 it's called his vendetta on wattpad if you're interested then ahem*👀  Even it has 0 views and likes as of now but this time i will publish it fully and
Apr 04
March 23, 2024
Dear Diary, Its 2:36 am right now and I just woke up from a nightmare again. In my nightmare obviously some ghostly things werr chasing me and my mom was with me she tried to protect me at last sje said "I think someone did blackmagic on us" and id
Mar 22
I dont likee it 😭 March 16, 2024
Dear Diary, I thought I'll just take a nap, it was around 12 noon and and i woke up around 12:30 so just half and hour. But the dream damn it was so real! I was in my room only when a faceless girl with a faceless doll came in my room and stood befor
Mar 16
February 26, 2024
Dear Diary, I want a wolf cut but I face square face Idk if it will look good or not
Feb 26
February 22, 2024
Dear Diary, result came I didn't make it again in grp 2 as well... I knew it but this time many people cleared and some of them are my friends as well. One guy even got All India Rank 49😵.... The level of motivation I have right now I cannot even ex
Feb 22
February 17, 2024
Dear Diary, Want to take my life srsly and become responsible fr... I've been sleeping and scrooling all the time these days😭
Feb 17
February 12, 2024
Dear Diary, I love moon.
Feb 12
I'm Doomed 18/01/24
Dear Diary, yesterday I was talking to someone online he was a medical student and I asked him can hymen regenerate? And he said yes but today I searched up and answer is no you have to get hymenoplasty... 2 years back I was indulged in finger someth
Jan 18
January 11, 2024
Dear Diary, I got a peeling treatment finally!!
Jan 11
Gojo and Sukuna's wifeu 04/01/24
Dear Diary, I just started or should I just finished as well season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen😭😭 The fighting scenes are INSANE! I'm whipped literally. I AM WHIPPED FOR GOJO AND NOW I know sukuna is curse but I MEAN HE'S HAWT AAAAAAAAA I CAN REWATC
Jan 07
Swallow me mother earth 05/01/24
Dear Diary, it's my 3rd day today and shit bro nowadays I am having short term memory loss 😭😭😭😭😭 whyyyyy😭😭😭 I took my pad out and kept it in bathroom to throw without wrapping it with paper like only folded it, it was half open (not so bloo
Jan 05
January 01, 2024
Dear Diary, I (again, obv) made my nEw New year resolutions I hope I'll be able to follow it this year
Jan 01