--overthinker's Dear Diary

November 24, 2022
Dear Diary, I want to switch off myself again.....
Nov 24
[Nov22, 2022] A doubt
Dear Diary, Is 6 years of gap in a relationship too big?  KK and I have same age gap :(
Nov 22
[Nov 21, 2022] he knows I guess👀😳
Dear Diary, Yesterday was sunday I went to temple and saw KK he was infront this time and he was helping in serving I was excited wanted to record video but I couldn't so I gave my phone to my frnd told her to take a video I want to make reel lol s
Nov 21
[Nov21, 2022] Mr.Mbbs
Dear Diary, I made a new online frnd :) he is now in my telegram and we chat too but he is kinda straightforward which I find sometimes rude. He is 20 and mbbs student so  I call him mbbs and sometimes I also say he is arrogant because he thinks he'
Nov 21
November 17, 2022
Dear Diary, I dont know what happened but suddenly I am demotivated for everything. I want to do something but I dont knw what is that I want to do?? And suddenly I am feeling sad and kinda depressed in confused version because I dont know why I'm
Nov 17
[Nov16, 2022] embarrasing
Dear Diary, It was nothing much now if I think about it.. last Sunday kk came to the temple and I ignored him all the time didn't see his side even once but at the time of leaving I was going towards canteen and he was leaving so he was going towar
Nov 16
[nov16.2022]how I found this site?
Dear Diary, strange how I found this site I was actually watching a Jimin ff in 2020 I guess in which they both met in some online advice site of thing where they used to ask things and ppl will read it and answer yeah like this app public diary bu
Nov 16
(Nov 11, 2022) Confused
Dear Diary,  I've been listening to subliminals to I guess attract him lol I am even writing this listening to a subliminal. I'll call him KK here cuz it's his nickname. I sometimes think why I am doing all this manifestation meditation and sublimin
Nov 11
Does he like me back?? (09Nov22)
Dear Diary, I havent been writing here but life changed so much in these months I think last note I wrote was in January. And now everything changed which I will say some other time but There's a GUY whom I lik and I dont know if he likes me too. A
Nov 09
January 22, 2022
Dear Diary, so I've been seeing manifestations scripting things and I really want to try it out. First I will manifest myself and my family to be happy beautiful and healthy. I scripted last night after gaining so much courage and they said vid tha
Jan 22
January 08, 2022
Dear Diary, I feel like I have already talked about this here but this time IS A SERIOUS DOPE! So I have been watching tarot reading and I saw one again yesterday (now just for fun) she said he'll look foreigner can have green, brown or hazel e
Jan 08
December 13, 2021
Dear Diary, I was just going through YouTube and this video of palmistry came across and I got interested in it suddenly then I searched about what happens if you have a mole in palms palmistry. I have a mole on my right hand heart line it's bee
Dec 13
12 Dec'21 strange~
Dear Diary, it's the next day..11:23 am [omg the timing is same (o_o)] Heya! rn it’s 11:21pm and I am here writing this in my Microsoft word, will copy paste this in the diaries later. Anyways I’m here to write this bcuz I feel I am doing somet
Dec 12
December 10, 2021
Dear Diary,just want to share this hehe I believe in soulmates and things like we can meet our soulmate in dreams smthng like that ppl may think I'm childish but idk I just believe it. Today I saw one dream lol did u see that coming hehe anyways in w
Dec 10
Dear Diary, [TO ALL GIRLS DO YOUR SELF BREAST EXAMINATION EVERY MONTH] few months ago I got this recommendation of self breast examnination I did that and felt a lump in my right breast I thought this is how breast are so I thought it's norm
Dec 10