Ryo_A's Dear Diary

December 30, 2022
Dear Diary, More than a month passed and I did not write a single thing. I just want to keep my memories intact and cherish what I have and remember what I lost this year.  tomorrow I will turn 21. Another year old
Dec 30
October 20, 2022
Dear Diary, Can we not be jealous of each other? Can people not just hate each other? Why can't we have the world same like those in fairytales?
Oct 20
October 11, 2022
Dear Diary, I found SOMEONE. He's really treating me well  We know each other for more than 6 years and he says it took him more than 5 years to understand he... Likes me.. I'm happy...👉👈
Oct 11
September 21, 2022
Dear Diary, I want to commit suicide I'm tired staying with my family. They're always making me feel like I'm the one responsible for their miseries
Sep 21
September 13, 2022
Dear Diary, I don't know what to say I feel weird. but currently, I guess I want this goddamn rain to end so that I can go and get my hair done I want to move from my past and be a better version and I want to start with my hair. Even though I l
Sep 13
September 07, 2022
Dear Diary, IT WAS ALWAYS MY BROTHER...ALWAYS. Yesterday I went out to visit my uncle and aunt after my cousin left and they started counseling me... not that but more like guiding me. And I appreciate that.  So I came back home and thought that
Sep 07
September 01, 2022
Dear Diary, My exams are done. So I'm officially one step closer being a graduate...  I just hope to be a bit more happy this time... I want to enjoy my last year with the people i found. Even though i hate my college... But still I want to cheris
Sep 01
August 31, 2022
Dear Diary, I really don't know how to explain this. This old friend from extra classes back in 2018 texted and we started talking... Now we always had this hi/hello relation...but lately i feel like... He... Is making the place back in my heart. T
Aug 31
August 30, 2022
Dear Diary,                   LIFE SUCKS I don't feel like waking up from bed lately I have been dreaming quite disturbing scenes lately, waking up at around 3 am and never returning to sleep. it's like... I don't know.. or maybe I can't explain
Aug 30
August 27, 2022
Dear Diary, I've been gone for a long. My finals going on.. as they started in July... At this point, I'm so frustrated... Anyway, I have loads of shit to write. First, start with my ex being a complete jerk. He trying to make me more pathetic. C
Aug 27
June 29, 2022
Dear Diary, I feel suffocated in here. Will these ever end?  Everything feels like a burden.  Parents, uni, friends, everything. Will i ever leave? I feel like ending everything
Jun 29
June 15, 2022
Dear Diary, I'm returning from college and i feel hopeless again
Jun 15
May 04, 2022
Dear Diary, I've been too busy with college and part time that I honestly forgot my best friend's bday...  What more to add, I, in a hurry to make him a present, cut Myself so bad that now i can't use my left hand for 4-5 weeks 🙂.  It became so
May 04
April 16, 2022
Dear Diary,  Sometimes I wish I was an orphan. No parents no relatives no problems.  What's the point of having family If the only thing they're doing is making my life a hell. I'm barely 20 and i have to quit college to pay off their debts. The de
Apr 16
April 13, 2022
Dear Diary, It's already April and nothing really changed.  So, i took some time off from work and social media. Didn't really worked.  But i hope things to work out soon.
Apr 13