August 31, 2022


Dear Diary,

I really don't know how to explain this. This old friend from extra classes back in 2018 texted and we started talking... Now we always had this hi/hello relation...but lately i feel like... He... Is making the place back in my heart. The Little liking thing. Well he was my ex's classmate. But i knew him more than my ex. Plus i really adore him the way he is. I cannot imagine anyone not liking him. He's such a gentleman. 

He talks with me like we are in love... Can I think it this way? Won't it be wrong. He's just sooooo nice to me. He texts me first. Keeps checking on me. But what if it's just a gesture? What if he starts ignoring too...

I'm too scared to lose him. Or for expressing that i like him a lot... Since class 8..