August 30, 2022


Dear Diary,

                  LIFE SUCKS

I don't feel like waking up from bed lately

I have been dreaming quite disturbing scenes lately, waking up at around 3 am and never returning to sleep.

it's like... I don't know.. or maybe I can't explain.

everything is so unsure around me and I am surrounded by people with literally weird problems that make me more frustrated.

let me narrate one incident that kinda shook me. This friend of mine from college got into a relationship lately and I feel like I am among the few people to be blamed for what happened. her boyfriend asked her to visit him before he leaves for his home... She went to meet him at his place at around 8-9 pm.

they talked for some time and they kissed which was okay until he started getting quite violent.. started to touch her.. she told us that she asked him to stop but he didn't.. he pushed her into his bed and his behavior turned more vulgar... She then had no choice but to push him away.. then according to her he became normal and apologized too

But IDK. I feel like it is more or less an attempt to rape!! is it? isn't he forcing himself over her?? what if he does that again?? there are so many possibilities. And you know, my friend, is quiet about it, she went like oh he must have been frustrated...  frustration cannot be an excuse, can it?

why this is so messed up

Why can she not see the fucked up scene here...