Lost Boy's Dear Diary

January 12, 2021
Dear Diary, I felt so lonely. And I badly longed for her to reply. But, nothing happened yet. And Wtf Am I doing, demanding someone to talk to me. Fck fck fck fck.....
Jan 12
August 04, 2020
Dear Diary, Fvck, I feel thrash again like those days when I wrote similar diaries. I sleep more than enough just to wait for notifications on school and scholarship matters but most of all, to wait if any of my friends or persons I like messaged m
Aug 04
August 03, 2020
Dear Diary, I can't sleep since last night. It's already 7:30 and I'm just waiting for 9AM online orientation about the school learning/teaching platform. I guess I'd be sleeping while watching it. I hope my head will  not fall on the laptop's scr
Aug 02
July 29, 2020
Dear Diary, Still can't get my sleep Anyways, I'll just write my recurring thoughts for today. I admit that I did body shamed many people now and I belittled most with their intelligence level. I spoke few words that hurts but most of it were
Jul 28
July 25, 2020
Dear Diary, I have a hard time getting back to my normal sleeping pattern (10pm-6pm).  Now, I sleep from 5am-1pm. I feel tired but I can't sleep. And I'm guilty of being obsessed checking my phone's notifications, scrolling through social media an
Jul 24
July 23, 2020
Dear Diary, Let's get away from the self pity that I am always doing here and let's make some attention seeking diary - I didn't mean it but somehow it feels like that. I stumbled upon a math problem in FB (see picture below) and it took me one
Jul 23
July 21, 2020
Dear Diary, It's 5 AM and I still can't sleep though I feel sleepy since 11 PM. I just feel so lonely since yesterday. As an introverted, mostly quiet, not expressive and studious guy, I too badly wanted a warm long hug from someone just to feel
Jul 20
July 11, 2020
Dear Diary, Hmm, maybe it's a gross for you, but it's been a week since I went commando (if you know what I mean). And, I maintained myself well cleaned all the times. It felt very normal now and I can just easily walk around the house and outside w
Jul 11
July 06, 2020
Dear Diary, I am much better now than the past few days. I don't know how but maybe because I tried to talk to some of my friends and family members even though it's just a casual talk. This might have somehow distracted me of that damn emotions o
Jul 06
July 04, 2020
Dear Diary, It's so damn boring 🙂 Pukinangina amboring
Jul 04
July 02, 2020
Dear Diary, Man, I'm worse today than I am yesterday. I feel so unease the whole day. Like the days are just repeating. The same routine, household chores, same people, activities, music, games, hobbies I am badly bored in life It makes me anxi
Jul 02
June 30, 2020
Dear Diary, I wonder how it feels like to have a lover? I'd like to have someone who I can trust to talk all my ideas without being judge. I'd like someone whose more confident than me, a joker and an open minded person. Someone I can hug and can b
Jun 30
June 30, 2020
Dear Diary, So today was a boring day. Can you relate with the feeling there is one thing that you become obsessed  about but become tired of it later. I have always listened to all Yorushika album before like everyday, every hour and when I am in
Jun 30
June 10, 2020
Dear Diary, I'm just some person in the world that would live for sometime in the human history. I am a clueless or "no conviction" person and I can't stand on my own. I am always in need of affirmation from someone of what should I do or believe
Jun 09
May 15, 2020
Dear Diary, *sigh* hmm Again, I was at this state of mind, judging how my life appears to me. I am questioning why would I bother learning, improving skills and utmost, doing anything. Then comes to the point, questioning my very own existence.
May 15