Ratz's Dear Diary

23. Mind
My mind is restless. It wants to be free. Thoughts are such simple and powerful things. We’re thinking it; forming words and grouping them into sentences. But we can not stop thinking it, can neither pause the word formation nor stop it from turning
Aug 07
22. Hopeful ♥‿♥
I have been feeling too hopeful lately. Is it the reading? Or is it the writing here or on Wattpad? Or is it just the way I’ve been thinking? I can't pin just one thing. But it is a great feeling.  My thoughts are so poetic in my head but it’s hard t
Aug 04
21. Lucid Dream
I had a dream. Lots of things happened but I remember the important part of it, thankfully.  ~ I had gone to a place with my friends and there were some students from other school/ schools as well. Probably an Inter school/ inter college event. I mov
Jul 30
20. A word from my dream
I had a dream few days back. I don’t remember the whole thing but I could recall a word I used or heard in the dream. It is- Illigate. (illigāte)  I looked it up. It turns out to be a Latin word, meaning attach, fasten or being tied too.  Like whaaaa
Jul 28
19. Poem - GHOST TOWN
Going far away from the inner self, Hoping to find something in the haunted land ahead. Only then I realize that I have come too far, as the Soul eaters keep clouding my mind with their whispers,  To them, I ask, to take my mind and spare the
Jul 27
18. July 24, 2022
It’s been a long time since I wrote here. I wasn’t writing anywhere else either. It’s not that I had nothing much happening to make an entry, which is partially true but I just didn’t bother much about writing. I guess something may have unblocked th
Jul 25
17. What a timing!
I wrote a long ass entry and it just hung up halfway through. I somehow made it okay and continued to write. Once i was done, I tried to save it, nothing. I tried to select a word, nothing. I tried to change the private into public, nothing. I closed
Feb 02
16. Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh🙏🏼
I watched this movie yesterday, “Sardar Udham”, on Amazon prime. I actually didn’t wanna make this post because it could create unease for certain audiences but I wanted to write about this movie and the book and what it has done to me.  Firstly the
Jan 23
15. Cancer thoughts !
My mother-in-law( mil) has cancer. Getting treated and we see so much progress. The thing is, I feel sorry for her but she always talk about it over the phone and during video calls and even in the group chat.  I don’t know, I’m feeling so uncomforta
Jan 19
14. Dog in a car 🚗! ( pic of the dog 🥺)
Yesterday when we went to a restaurant to pick up our lunch, I stayed back in the car and hubby went to fetch it.  I was in my phone while some songs played on the radio.  A red car parked on my left and I don’t know how and why I looked up from my p
Jan 18
13. Haircut gone wrong!
I wanted to get layers done from my shoulder blade to my mid back or a little above the mid back. I guess I didn’t articulate my request clearly. The old lady, who happened to be my stylist yesterday because the person whom I made appointment with wa
Jan 13
Are you there? Have you changed your name? I seem to not find your entries as well!
Jan 12
Suggest favorite quotes!!(
Share your favorite quote that inspires you and has been registered in your mind! It could be anything, from movies or just quotes you found online.
Jan 10
Little Help!
I’ve installed this app in my new phone. I don’t see the lock feature. Can anyone say why?
Jan 08
12. Big City and Broken Friendship ~Dream
We are in a big city. Walking along the street, passing by some attractions. I see his cousins' family with us. Kansas family, St. Louis family and some more whom I couldn't pin in my dream but I know they're our family.  As night rolls around, we ar
Jan 05