Ratz's Dear Diary

13. Haircut gone wrong!
I wanted to get layers done from my shoulder blade to my mid back or a little above the mid back. I guess I didn’t articulate my request clearly. The old lady, who happened to be my stylist yesterday because the person whom I made appointment with wa
Jan 13
Are you there? Have you changed your name? I seem to not find your entries as well!
Jan 12
Suggest favorite quotes!!(
Share your favorite quote that inspires you and has been registered in your mind! It could be anything, from movies or just quotes you found online.
Jan 10
Little Help!
I’ve installed this app in my new phone. I don’t see the lock feature. Can anyone say why?
Jan 08
12. Big City and Broken Friendship ~Dream
We are in a big city. Walking along the street, passing by some attractions. I see his cousins' family with us. Kansas family, St. Louis family and some more whom I couldn't pin in my dream but I know they're our family.  As night rolls around, we ar
Jan 05
11. Ikigai and Fantasy.
I'm almost done with Ikigai. It's good. I can apply them in my life. I didn't feel the same way with the hygge book though. I wanted to love it ever since I found it and placed a hold on it in my local library. When I got the book(hygge), I was super
Jan 03
10. New Year
Happy New Year y'all! I didn't do much today and yesterday. I got sleepy around 11: 40pm. Hit the bed around 11:48 and scrolled through our phones. Heard the fireworks in distance. Peaked through the bedroom window and saw fireworks at the middle of
Jan 02
9. New Year's Eve
Good day to you all! I wanna do lots of things this coming year. Just like some one had said here, I wanna start in a clean slate, clean canvas. Spend more time in caring for myself and people around me too.  I wanna create a vision board. Write down
Dec 31
Book suggestions are welcome! 🤗
I just finished reading this book, Mexican Gothic. It was good, haunting but disturbing as well.  I'm up for a thriller/ mystery or horror genres at the moment. The book had made me hungry for these genres again.  Thanks in advance! Comment away 😉🏁
Dec 29
8.Mexican Gothic (ongoing)
I'm reading this book now and it's quite disturbing. How can they do this? I don't know how the girl is gonna get out of it and save herself and her cousin and also Francis(a fellow housemate). I thought it was gonna be like a detective-solving-myste
Dec 28
7. Story of my Life 🫂
Would you believe if I said that my phone has been harassing me? Like seriously! It wants to be held most of the time. Makes me scroll through Instagram or stroll through YouTube to play something while I begin to work. It even made me believe that i
Dec 27
Merry Christmas y'all! Let your life be colorful and glowing. If you're going through a hard time, it will pass!  Let's celebrate life 🥂 🥰⛄
Dec 26
6. Funny Similarity!
It turns out that my hubby and I are of almost same type. I socialize well with people when I'm with them but will not socialize much after returning home. I don't call them very often. I text once in awhile and talk when they call me up. I don't kno
Dec 25
5. Inner Workings (my new practice):
I have begun something recently. I'm so bad at taking care of me. I love myself but I don't take enough care. I think many are like me. I am practicing to talk to my organs in my head now. I imagine them as the organ with a cute face, especially my s
Dec 22
4. Raising Hope (TV series)
Not sure how many of you have seen it but it's one of my favorites. I'm not so much of a person to watch my favorites on repeat. I barely watch the movies or shows that I really loved while watching them. But this show is out of the thing for me. I l
Dec 16