Rathna's Dear Diary

October 13, 2020
Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner  Review 😁  I kinda was obsessed over this shampoo ever since I saw about it on YouTube. Most of them said it helps to grow out your hair and stuffs like that. I was super tempted. So right before the lockdown beg
Oct 13
October 11, 2020
Dream 🐍  I was in my school boarding to collect my books and stuffs. I got my stuffs and was sitting in the corridor, reading or writing. A staff, named Karthik, stoppped near me and asked what was behind me. There was actually a glass show case kin
Oct 11
September 27, 2020
Dear Diary, I don't want to be sad. It's so tiring and it's making me weak. In the process of building the wall around my heart, which had been shattered few months ago. The heart cannot be rebuilt but it can have a compound.
Sep 28
September 20, 2020
Dear Diary,  Life could be pretty horrible at times but facing it straight up its face everyday and breathe, takes shit load of willpower. Then comes the horrible, blood freezing memories, which may become so distant in our brain and life but the
Sep 21
July 18, 2020 Scary Dream
I'm getting prepared for board exam. Miss someone, who handles the subject asks us to draw a complicated diagram on our sleeves( long sleeves). It's kinda picture based math or physics diagram. I draw it on my left hand sleeve.  Then I go into a
Jul 18
July 15, 2020
Dear Diary, It's been a long time I since I wrote here. Felt lazy to write, that would be the truth. I'm struggling a lot to rebel against my thoughts, most of the time. Not that they are evil but they say that it's okay to be lazy. I think I ha
Jul 15
June 03, 2020
Dear Diary, Oh! I hate cleaning and organizing. I don't know why. But if I get triggered to do it I'll do it Pinterest-worthy cleaning/ organizing. I think it takes up most of my free time, in which I could read, write or watch TV. And that's wh
Jun 03
June 02, 2020
And it bears worth repeatin', no matter what folks may say.  Don't be afraid to cry, it really is okay.  Sometimes It's through our tears, we find a better way.  -The Ballad of Nessie
Jun 02
May 24, 2020
Dear Diary, My Google chrome is acting weird. I can't download anything from it. I used to download and there was a folder of it in my gallery. The folder had disappeared few months ago. And then I found out that I couldn't download through chro
May 25
May 23, 2020
I want to fly, like really fly. I envy the birds so much. I used to dream of flying. Man! It gives butterflies in the stomach when taking off from top of the building. I hope we humans, evolve with flying ability someday in future.
May 23
May 20, 2020
I'm having a writer's block. Not for writing a novel or anything, just my daily entries are blocked in my head.  Do help me out!! 🤝🙏
May 21
May 20, 2020
Dear Diary,  I feel so meh. I mean, I don't feel like reading anything much. Don't feel like writing. My brain is going into the sloth state I think. It doesn't want to work much. So it allows me to use certain features of it and it goes on auto-
May 20
May 18, 2020
Dear Tree,  I like to just look at you. You are a warmth to my eyes, especially when you have regrown leaves and stand in a group. I don't mind the leaf-less version of you either but the green is everything the eye wants. Birds and squirrels, ha
May 18
May 14, 2020
Hello!!  I love to talk a lot but I'm not talkative person. I barely talk when I'm left with relatives or cousins. I'm the quiet one in the family. I talk okay when I'm with my friends. I don't know why is that. I love to talk talk talk but I won't.
May 14
May 12, 2020 Motivational stuff
It's so easy to advice others and not so easy when it comes to applying that in our life. Easily said than done. Well, I'm a happy person. That is, I try to look at happy things and try my best to keep me happy regardless of whatever is happening aro
May 12