Ratz's Dear Diary

Delayed periods~October 16, 2021
It's super frustrating when you don't know what the actual problem is! My periods have been weird from last year. I did a pregnancy test; negative. Then I did an ovulation test; negative as well. What the hell????  I'll be making an appointment with
Oct 16
Small awakening 🤟🏻 October 11, 2021
We humans run after something or the other in life. Grades, money, power, joy, happiness etc. But there are certain group of people who think about the reason for our mere existence from time to time even though they don't get a definite answer for i
Oct 11
Learning! And writing!
I feel like writing a lot when I'm alone and in a quiet place. It feels weird to acknowledge it. I normally want to write when I'm super busy with other work, so I say in my head that I would write later when I'm free. I do write later as I'd planned
Oct 07
October 06, 2021`Pinkie
Pinkie update: it is still semi- bendable with less pain. Sometimes it looks so normal and unharmed. I think there won't be a need for a doctor's visit anytime soon. Pinkie will self-heal in few days. It seems that way.
Oct 07
October 05, 2021 My pinkie and a puppy
Dear Diary,  Damn! I woke up with a swollen pinkie on my left hand. I don't know what and how it happened. I can bend it a little towards my palm but not completely. But it hurts like hell to straighten it out. I guess it's sprained. Hopefully it
Oct 06
October 04, 2021 Smile
Dear Diary,  I always used to wonder why it's so hard for certain people to pass through difficult times. I thought they were being too sensitive or they are refusing to see the brighter side. But only when I was put in a terrifying situation, I
Oct 04
October 02, 2021 Football
Dear Diary,   This happened on Sept 28th: 😁 Found a book on Wattpad while searching for light-hearted reads. It's a fanfiction of one of my favorite movies in my native language. The conversations are in native language while the rest are
Oct 02
September 29, 2021 Lazy
Dear Diary,  It was an okay day! Hubby is sick. Suddenly I feel that I have too many things to do. And I'm standing for longer than usual. It's exhausting. But if I show that I'm hurting because of the work load, it would make him more sick.  So
Sep 30
September 27, 2021 A letter to all ✉️
Dearies,  Since it's been quite a while I made a journal entry, I feel lost. 😜 Should I write in present tense or past tense?  Should I write about my thoughts or emotions?  Should I write it long or short?  Should I write now o
Sep 27
September 23, 2021
Dear Diary, Hi all! How are you? It's been a long time.
Sep 23
June 07, 2021#long rant
I feel strangely satisfied and proud of myself in certain ways. I have come a long long way to where I am now. So I wonder whether everyone older than me has gone through more or less the same path as I am. But nope. Not everyone. Especially not the
Jun 07
June 03, 2021 #Toxic Positivity
Dear Diary, I just came across this term, toxic positivity, few months ago while reading some book on wattpad. I was amazed at this and also guilty because I'd been using it a lot. Like really a lot. On myself and others, unintentionally. I thou
Jun 03
May 28, 2021
Hola, everyone! I'm with another questionnaire for you all lovely people.  Questions:  1. So when do you actually write your diary/journal?  2. Do you write throughout the day, bit by bit or write it all when you're actually making an entry? 3. Oh
May 28
May 27, 2021
I have been restricting myself from writing much because I'm worried about the future. What if it gets deleted? What if I don't enjoy reading it in future? I guess these are the reasons for my unsteady mind on the whole journaling thing. And the deni
May 27
May 26, 2021 #obsessed
Dear Diary/Journal Writers, I'm so obsessed with writing diary/journal and writing in general. I have become super exhausted on deciding which app I  should use to journal. Should I use app at all? Why shouldn't I use my journal notebook? If I de
May 26