#4 November 18, 2023


(Illusioned mind)

Dear Diary,

For you're mine; said the mind to oneself feeling like it was talking to the illusion of the being it was creating feelings of love for. For you gotta be mine; said the ego to the the illusion of it's piece of desire. For you should feel me, for you should feed me, for you shouldn't deny your feelings of love for me; for you shouldn't lust over me, kept saying the mind to the illusion of it's piece of love. The illusion it created felt so real; it felt like a thing one might never get but is still ours. It gave one's ego the permission to overpower itself. It didn't want to lose itself, it didn't want to make it feel weak, but still it allowed the ego to overpower itself. The ego which was creating this illusion of a fantasy with no reality, the ego which wanted to make itself feel alive by trying to create a prison for others while being locked in itself. Does the ego know it's hurting her own self by trying to create this illusion of creating a prison for the ones which hurted her? Does the ego know it wasn't them which was hurting her but her own illusion of their perspectives were hurting her. Ego wants to create  cages for them while not knowing it's the cage it's trying to create for them is the cage which is going to keep her locked in? Does ego acknowledge this? Does ego wants to acknowledge the cage it's creating for others is actually the cage which is keeping her away from freedom? Ego doesn't always acknowledge it, but when she does she embraces her own cage as wel Because it's her own cage that was keeping her safe from the cages others were trying to put her into. She was creating this illusion to protect herself from other cages which arr an illusion of the mind. Ego wants to embrace her own cage as she knows only by acknowledging and embracing one's own imperfections, one can become perfect.