#3 November 18, 2023


(Ups and downs)

Dear Diary,

For life is all about ups and downs. Feelings of despair and agony leading to an ocean of tragedy and misery. Hope is nowhere to be found, hidden beneath layers of self-pity and self-denial. Does hope tend to cease? Hope isn't something to be ceased, it's to be created again and again with the ashes of hatred and anger, turning into bubbles of love and prosperity. Feelings of lust trying to be seen and felt through the illusion of a brutal image the mind creates. Is it reality? Hard to acknowledge, harder to accept. Reality isn't anything to be existed outside one's mind, it's to be created inside one's mind. Who created this illusioned reality? Human, the one who wants to feel alive by creating an illusion of emotions which carry the frequencies of the universe which makes one feel lively. Why is the mind creating frequencies immersed into self-hatred and self-pity. Trying to release them into rivers of love and hope, for hope and love is all what keeps one alive. Feeling like a bomb of emotions, troubling emotions destroying nobody but oneself, giving this illusion of destroying the ones who destroyed oneself. But in reality nobody destroyed oneself, except the emotions oneself created.