Elusive Princess


Layla called me on the phone today.


And being the good friend that I am, I just watched it ring.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But I just have a feeling she's going to ask me to go out with them again and I'm really not in the mood to be social right now cos I already have my day planned.

And that plan being: a dork in peace reading either Outlander, which I have left rotting in my unfinished books list for months now, or Jane Eyre, which I have just recently picked up a couple of days ago; or review my Spanish and French—either by watching Netflix shows in these languages, or by playing these interactive story games where you get to choose your character's path, which, by the way, I actually really enjoy despite the time-to-time cringe moments because I get to control the rhythm of the dialogues, and there are sounds and animations which give the episodes an overall engaging experience.

And in between these leisurely employments—I'm gonna insert playing scrabble in the form of Word Domination.

I don't know but this is just one of those days where I'm high for dark academia activities and sometimes, it's hard to make up my mind deciding which one to do because I feel like doing everything all at once. So I'm pretty much just switching them up every now and then.

I showered at three this morning and felt very light and fresh; the kind that gives me the pleasure to be trapped in my own world doing my favourite amusements. It was here, at this point, I decided how I was going to spend my day, as was mentioned above.

I prepared myself a glass of iced coffee, and a plate of different flavoured cheesecakes (morsels of blueberry, red velvet, chocolate truffle, cookies & cream, and matcha) from my birthday three days ago. For some reason, food tastes more scrumptious when you're devouring the last of what's left of it.

Overall, it was a lovely morning. Just the right amount of grey, chilly, and gloomy ..

I tried to test my IQ in websites with free tests and my results ranged between "above average" and "gifted" 🤣

Bloated by these delusion-feeding results, I ended up installing several phone applications that exercise your brain. I'm not very well-informed so the least I can do is train my head and feed it some fun facts or general knowledge. Gotta keep the mind sharp in case I walk by a street with rich YouTubers who ask random people trivias or some intellectual questions for content.

Which goes us back to the low chances of it happening to me because I choose to be imprisoned in my room.


I don't understand why Layla can't just text me?!

I can't help thinking she's CALLING me on purpose so I won't have time to think of a plausible excuse to evade her invitation.

Also, she should really give me a heads up at least three days beforehand so I could have the time to prepare myself so when the day of our rendezvous comes, I won't be bothered with superficial things like nails or picking a dress despite my inner objection to go.

Because my nails are really awful right now and this alone spoils the slightest prospect of me ever persuading myself to dress up.

I mean, I am a lady now and no longer a can't-be-bothered-wannabe-rebel who didn't care much about her appearance.

I sneakily set my activity status on Discord to "offline" to make her think I'm just sleeping and that my phone is just on silent mode.

It's awful, ignoring her like this, but she's not in danger, that I'm sure of, because she was active on Discord an hour after ringing me up. And she could easily message me what she wants so I really don't know why she's choosing not to…

On a completely different note, Lancelot will start a podcast and is asking my opinion and suggestions for the stream overlay. I'm really excited about this for him although I wouldn't understand shit because I have given up learning German. My mind just couldn't keep up. Having gone through the struggles of learning French, I could definitely say German is a lot more migraine-inducing. Not saying I'm giving up on it "forever". With my capricious nature, nein, especially now that it's the sexiest language to my ears. Haha. I'll pick it up again when the fancy comes.

One last thing. My quickest Rubik's Cube record is now a minute and 3 seconds!

I am awesome.

(And an awful friend.)

*cries in banana cat*