December 07, 2022


Dear Diary,

Hi, How are you?

I am writing after a long time, I wanted to write from past few days but you know me , all I do is keep lying on the bed and scrolling and wasting time. Few days back I wanted to write the recap of 2022 but then I thought let the December come to an end, I will be having some more stories from this month to share.  So I am waiting for this month to end.

Btw at this moment I am waiting for my parents to come, I am waiting for them since afternoon.

Let me give you an idea about what happens in my life while I wasn't writing here, I went to Vinita's wedding, it felt good to meet Praveen, the way he took care of me , I am very thankful for that to him. I consumed alcohol too for three consecutive days. It was fun and a change for me.

As I came back, papa sent me 4 new profiles to me, and everyone out of those people has called me once atleast. I mean that Suyash is kind of okay or better but only platonic vibe I get, and the other one was quite interested in me but I didn't find him smart enough when I had a conversation with him but he seems quite interested. The the one who will be coming to meet me on 14th, he said that he called me just coz his father wanted otherwise he didn't have much to ask etc, I didn't liked him but what to do. I mean all of these happened in just 2 days like I was so confused and uncomfortable doing this but what to do as papa said that I only said earlier that I want to talk to the guy before meeting.

Between all these, things with Reeshabh are not going good from a long time, I feel that he isn't interested anymore and now I have also lost almost 90% of interest in him due to his behaviour. 

But it's fine, I thought why is he coming here if isn't that interested but maybe coz he already paid for the tickets etc hahah so maybe that's why. But yaa Idk he is good but he makes me insecure everytime and I don't get that stable wali vibe from him.

He is coming on 9th and I will be meeting him and I am getting cold feet now. 

I mean I kind of like him but he is good looking and far better than me. I feel why he will like me, etc.

I am not beautiful, fat too, etc.

So I am ready for the no as well. Or I may also say no.

And apart from this my father has set me up with 2 other meetings,,so it's really disgusting and confusing.

Apart from this, I could not complete my assignments this time, exams are going but I don't feel like studying.