December 07, 2022


Dear ghost,

In this town that loves me not, my dirt stained black shoes pursue the road that windingly closes into the twilight. The sky painted in the violetly red horizons. The mountains that barely peek over these concrete building. Those black black asphalt road that blend into the night and these cold air that creep inside my clothes. I breathe heavily and walk sluggishly. The indifferent cars run with the wind. This town seems to get bigger as I climb. 

"Where is this place? Am I walking to where I belong? Will tomorrow smile? Have I taken a wrong turn" the whisper echos as I arrive at the dark door. I hastily remove my shoes that led me here. Smile. Pull up your dry lips and squint your wet eyes. One, two, three... and I am on the bed. I check the screen and see " missed call from Ama." I sigh, breathe deeply and redial, " Hello, mother? You called.." I end the call from the place I belonged. 

I cheat on my bed and snuggle with the blanket. The night is cold and this place is not where I belong.

Yours and yours.