November 19, 2022 #368


Dear Diary, I got a text that my friend is in my country now! Ohh why am I a person who’s dealing with depression and anxiety…! My hair is kinda mess because I cut my hair by myself for almost a year. What should I tell if she asks me “how have you been” question. It’s obvious that I haven’t been good because I haven’t replied back to her for so very long. But that was definitely very nice of her to text me again. How many people do this???🥲🥲🥲 No one ever does this to me! Anyways, I don’t wanna look depressed and awkward person to her when we see each other again after two years. And I don’t really go out so I am not familiar with any interesting places. Meh what I do what I do!

I don’t actually “live” so this is it. My life! 

🪵 log 🪵 

Wake up at 9:30😊
Take morning walk at 10:20 (~11:00)😊
Stay in bed listening to podcast🙃
Take nap at 2:00 (~16:00) 😔
Sweet snacks a lot 😔
Ring Fit Adventure 😊
Hair wash done😊

I guess I am just overwhelmed…
I might want to cry just a bit…