June 22, 2022


Hola Diary,

I am here again.Early this time. I have some free time now. 

Today i went to lamakaan, after almost 3 years. It was only at 7 o clk, i decided to check their website and found that at 7 they are remembering some Russian director. 

I called ashik immediately and without thinking again for a minute just went out.

We were late, by the time we reached there it already started. They were screening one of his movies. I dint catch the name, I just took a chair and we sat there to watch whatever was playing on the screen. 

The movie ended at a sudden point, I didn't fully understand in the last scene, what Dominique said with her signs. 

We later googled, the movie name is Blanc - it's the 2nd part of the trilogy three colors. And Dominique says to him that - `When I get out of prison, you and me, we'll leave together, OK? Or we'll stay here together and get married again.` 

It was amazing, i like these kinds of movies. Sooo much. It's silent with drama, very less characters, and very less dialogue. 

In the movie there was a scene, when he, karol calls her on phone and she tells him - perfect timing, Listen... 

And he cries. I could feel that, for a moment. That emotion, I do not understand, what is that. I want to understand that, I do not understand why we humans feel that. 

It's raag & dwesh. Jahan raag vahan dwesh. I wonder, can i be free of this emotion. 

It seems difficult, almost equal to losing a part of self.

Anyway, there are more old movie screenings there in Lamkaan in coming few days. I think it's perfect, i'll be going for these events in evenings now. 

Although, cooking food, going to movies, going out with friends, and packing small amazon orders while not making any money doesn't seem very good utilization of my prime time. 😄😄. I must do some work also. I am reading quantum computing, but i think my progress is extremely slowwww, it's been 3 weeks almost, i havent progressed much yet. 

I have to fix something up.