January 04, 2022 #145


Dear Diary, 

okay myself, get off my bed!

And maybe go walk. It’s lovely sky outside. Let’s celebrate it! Or maybe i can go to find the white cat. Draw in my sketchbook I got. Do something fun! Maybe even  I can take some train trip. I don’t have any good idea where to go yet. 

What do I eat for breakfast? Have lunch outside with my sketchbook? Sounds great. But umm I should go a bank. I can’t keep this amount in my wallet. Otherwise I will use it all at doller tree to buy craft material and make junks lol. I have no idea what to do with those pipe cleaner bears. I found it’s not suitable for street art. And hmm it’s not look like a bear sometimes. 

Okay I gotta go cuz I need to use washroom 😅