#3. Decorations


I love sight seeing and people watching. Not in a creepy way but just watch. So I do some watching while we go for a drive or simply go out to run errands. 

There's this house at the end of the road. Their whole of the lawn has Christmas decorations. They change the set up every year. I wonder how they store all of them once the season ends. Do they sell them and get a new sets of decors or rotate the existing decors? Whatever they do, it's so beautiful and Christmasy. I see lights on most of the houses in my neighborhood but this house has taken the decor to another level. I gotta take a picture or video of it since the photo cannot cover all of it. 

While passing by another house in the morning, I didn't see any lights or they slipped out of my vision. But I saw something that was too heartwarming than the lights. There was a inflatable Santa Claus and his wife Mrs. Claus. 😍😍 I haven't seen them together in any other's lawn decor. They looked so cute and so did the house. 

So I looked around at all the houses. Two houses still had their Halloween pumpkin decor on the door or on the rails. 

I saw a turkey decor piece in one of the closed shop in the mall. It was sitting on the flat on the floor, no legs or it was hidden. 

There was this cute dachshund inflatable at a tiny house's porch. The dog was the half the size of the house. 

At nights, they all shine and make the place so lovely. Some houses have only lights in the front porch or the roof. 

I gotta start thinking about my apartment decorations too. I'm just not up for it at the moment. Little lazy and don't wanna over crowd my apartment or my small patio. But I want to do it.