December 13, 2021


Dear Diary,

I was just going through YouTube and this video of palmistry came across and I got interested in it suddenly then I searched about what happens if you have a mole in palms palmistry. I have a mole on my right hand heart line it's been there since Idk how much time. 

so that guy said if you have a mole in heart line then someone who is really close to you will hurt you by behavior or anything or betray you. and as a overthinker I am this thing got into my head and is now not leaving. I regret searching that up now lol so I just wanted to write it down so it can leave my mind. I don't believe in it that much I believe in god but a part of me is just praying that I hope that cLoSe one is not my husband or children especially not husband please(future) The kind of hopes I have ...I will literally break down.

After thinking about it I've decided that (I've never been in rltnshp before) that I will not be in any rltnshp until I become financially stable independent and more mature and I will also learn kungfu or some kind martial arts for sure hehe. And I will never hurry into things I will let it be and let god make me meet my future one. Till then focus on my career and  just pray to god <3