Skincare & Candles


[ENTRY 64..✍️]

My mom's here and brought me some dresses, house slippers, and really sexy night robes. Then we went out along with my younger sister and had some tea. One of the servers really had a nice ass. He was tall, too, and looked cute behind his mask. Bloody mask. We exchanged a few looks but as usual, that's all they will ever be. I so want to have a New Year's Eve kiss but I don't see it happening at all. The moment the calendar hits 2022 will be the 2nd anniversary of my last sex. I guess it's official. I've finally become a virgin again, if that's even possible.

After the afternoon tea, we went home but my younger sister and I headed out once more because she wanted to buy some skincare products. I'm really thankful I don't get pimples that much. They mostly only appear when I'm about to get my period and it's usually just either one or two. The only thing I apply on my face is some Chinese cream and it's so cheap. Just less than half a dollar. Haha. I convinced myself the reason my sisters get pimples often is because they put so many things on their faces so I shouldn't do the same to mine. That or I'm truly adopted. Nay, my lazy ass just can't really keep up with all those evening or morning facial rituals.

Anyway, I'm so happy! I bought two candles and they're so pretty! They're the kind that are enclosed in a jar, like lamp shades. I wanted to buy all the colors available but the money I brought wasn't enough.

"You're so creepy.." my sister said as she watched me getting all ecstatic in front of a bunch of candles.

"Which do you think is the prettiest?" I asked. There wasn't much variety of container styles but the available three still threw me into a predicament. "Do you think this one's too big?"

"The bigger it is, the longer it lasts," the bitch lazily replied.

She liked the blue one so I bought the red and yellow. I can't wait for a blackout.