December 12, 2021


Dear Diary, 

I have gone through the days of  surprises, happiness, sadness, unluckiness and so on. I feel like my life is so empty. There are many people around me but it feels like I'm alone. It suddenly raining outside. The God might have known that I wanted to cry but I can't. So he let the clouds to cry. I know it's really an amazing thing to overcome everything alone. But sometimes I really want someone to be in my side. Saying "it's okay."  I controlled my feelings so far. I controlled my thoughts so far. In order not to get hurt. But sometimes hearing the heartbreaking words from our loved ones breaks my heart so much. Even I controlled my emotions and feelings. My eyes won't control not to let any tears out. I feel like the home where I'm living with my family not really feels like my home. I want to build a home under an ocean. So calm. So silent. So alone. Like how my heart felt right now.