12 Dec'21 strange~


Dear Diary,

it's the next day..11:23 am [omg the timing is same (o_o)]

Heya! rn it’s 11:21pm and I am here writing this in my Microsoft word, will copy paste this in the diaries later. Anyways I’m here to write this bcuz I feel I am doing something very stupid rn my mom’s sister came and she’s already sleeping everyone is sleeping obviously but she in sleeping on my pillow I might look like very stupid and childish but Idk why I cried a little I never sleep on that pillow it’s been like 5-6 yrs I have that pillow and even if someone in my house tries to sleep on it I take it or srsly fight for it during sleeping (this is crazy lol) I treat the pillow thinking of it as my future husband (yes I’m just 17 lol;])and I cuddle it and kiss it daily a lot a lot means A LOT. I literally tell my pillow everything lol and now sleeping without holding him (I mean that pillow hehe ) just made cry so I came here to study in the dining room I don’t think so I will sleep today I hope she will not press it much lol the main reason I like it is bcuz it’s really soft and fluffy.(he’s so fluffy ~ I’m gonna die~) I just thought to write this down bcuz I wasn’t able to focus on my studies ..yes bcuz of a PiLLoW!~

Tomorrow I will wake up and change the cover so it will look different and I always used to think I don’t cry I don’t get attached to anything but now I’m literally crying over a pillow. I will maybe post this on diaries in midnight cuz I exhausted my data -_- 

kneeways~ I changed the cover as soon as I woke up lol