#2: Grateful and Sorry! December 10.


We had a tornado warning last night. At first we remained in our bathroom after securing all the important documents, office laptop, and other stuffs in our walk in closet, far away from the windows.

We were closely following the news and the map to see how close the tornado was from our place. It wasn't too far.

On hearing that it tore down the roofs in the nearby place, we decided to flee to one of the friend's house, in the same apartment since we were on the top floor just below the roof. Didn't wanna risk it. 

Stayed there until the tornado passed. It did miss our place in a narrow range. Returned home. Then again we got a warning that there was another one. It was produced so close to my place and passed to the other side. 

I'm just thankful that it missed us. 

The tornado hit the Amazon warehouse and tore down the roof first. Then the next hit made the building collapse in certain parts. Not many were inside but two or three people died. And also some more places nearby were hit. 

I feel too sorry for the lives lost this day. I just wish the natural disasters be kind to us. It's unavoidable, I know, but why not go away without damaging the lives of anyone. 

I just wish everyone to be safe and sheltered. 

Day to be remembered!!!