December 12, 2021


Dear Diary,

I have been watching YouTube so much lately. Like 7-8 hours straight! There are so many people with so different mind and thought process. And everyone has there own area of interest.

Like I find history, universe, conspiracy theories and psychology very intriguing. 

Yesterday, I was going through few vids of nurses who serve in critical patients ward. They have so many experiences on phenomenon of death process, like this one, in which when someone is about to go over, their loved ones come to recieve them. I'm wondering who will come to get me? And it gave me a headache. I really hope that my pets come to get me. Life is good with them here. That brings me to another thought, it's for everyone who thinks they were never loved, if only they knew that pets is what they are looking for. Human love is unpredictable, one can grow in and out of love with time. But with pets it's unconditional. 

Anyways, It's no relief if the life continues after death. It's like we are going through the same process again and again. Birth, childhood, adulthood, finding job, getting married, emotions old age and death. Repeating endlessly. What is the end?