Dear Diary,


few months ago I got this recommendation of self breast examnination I did that and felt a lump in my right breast I thought this is how breast are so I thought it's normal but. After few months idk why I suddenly got conscious about it and also my right breast is fuller than left I googled it and saw this is normal to have breast which are not of exact shape but then I searched about having lumps in breast and it showed cancer....I still ignored it. Few weeks ago I suddenly got a dream of me looking myself in the mirror naked and my right breast was abnormally large and sagging with black spots like it's rotten I woke up suddenly and it was around 6 in the morning.

I went to my mom straight away with my morning face and told her to feel my boobs she stared at me for few secs and then I told I feel like I have lump then she checked and said hmmm let's go to gynac this evening. after that I started googling and then things came up like surgery they will cut my nipples to take it out and also it affects the breasts shape too...I started crying hard I mean boobs are an imp part of female and a 17 yr old overthinking girl read all these..obviously she'll panic.

we went to gynac and she checked me and told me that I have fibroadenoma and I got more stressed srsly she told my mom to take me to XYZ hospital and do some test we didn't knew anything about it. my father asked about it and told us that they will inject a needle in my boob in that lump and take out water from it...I was so stressed and my mom told this to me. Days passed and we were not able to go there something always used to happen to cancel our plan and these days I started thinking this is it I am going to die and all type of negative  things. At this point I started thinking how is the texture of boobs irl? I searched on google and it showed me big soft boobs and I got more stressed thinking why mine are not like that lmao

I told my mom to take me to Ayurvedic homeopathic doc which we were seeing since I was 4. on the way my mom told me to be positive always god didn't wanted me to have cute on that area that's why always something came up and at last we were visiting ayurvedic doc. We went inside without touching istg he didn't even touched me he said I have fibroadenoma which are fat lumps and it's common in girls but can be cured by ayurveda he told me to clear my motions too and yes I have constipation problems. He also said I have sinus in my nose and half of my nose is blocked my mom also saw my nose if we didn't visited him that day my sinus would have blocked all my nose and then I would have to get a nose surgery done but all thank to god we visited him instead of that XYZ hospital.  he gave me very sweet medicines and now it's the 2 or 3 week I guess and my lump is smaller than it was before and I am very happy and positive again.

to all girls do self breast examination there are a lot of videos and also like foreign girls cuz i don't think so they will get ayurvedic treatment near them easily. there are a lot of videos on self examination and do not overthink and cry like me.