September 26, 2021, Some gibberish


Dear Diary,

Feeling lost in days. 

Want to do a lot of things, not doing any. 

Good body, good mind, happy life, all i wish only. 

AI, Quantum, Science, Space dreams only. 

Life is a bus, stations are many.

On some, we stay longer than others. 

Is it the end, i don't know. 

Is happiness real or just an illusion in the mind.

Is anything real. I don't know. 

Memories I have, some, not many. 

I miss her a lot, i don't have reasons any. 

I work with people, i don't know why.

Am i responsible for things many.

I see people many, i am not the same,

But who am i, I don't know.

I feel lost, i don't know why.

Life is long, but is that all, i don't know.