September 12, 2021


I feel anxious. High level anxiety.

Tomorrow my dad and I are gonna go try to get our pre-covid jobs back. 

The job I interviewed for recently said they would call me within 72 hours. They never did. 

My favorite pizza place sent me a message on August 21st to call them if I was interested in an interview. I never replied or called. Today I replied to their message with, "Are you still hiring for this position?" but I haven't heard anything back. I might try to call them tomorrow before my dad and I try to get our old jobs back. 

Da and I went to his aunt's wedding today. It wasn't a bad time by any means. I felt slightly awkward and Da got heavily judged by his family for wearing lime green shorts to the wedding. Yikes. In his defense, the wedding was final fantasy themed and he said that he was going for a "monk look." I don't know anything about FF so I can't say if he pulled it off, but he definitely stood out like a sore thumb. 

Afterwards we went back to my house and we cuddled. I fell asleep and, god, that was the best sleep I've had in a long time. I don't think he slept any, though. I know he watched Survivor for a little while and then decided to just enjoy cuddling me. 

I wish he was here with me now. I could use some help going to sleep. If I don't take a sleep aid tonight, I'll probably have a hard time falling asleep. Stupid anxiety. 

I really wish I could get a [decent] job closer to home. The job I used to work had very conflicting hours with Da's schedule. 

He works 1-10pm. I used to work 4am-1pm. There would be almost no time at all for us to talk or communicate on the days that we work. We could potentially message each other during our lunch breaks, but that doesn't seem too likely, especially if I ate my lunch at 8am like I was supposed to. He doesn't wake up until about 10am. 

I really do need to call the pizza place tomorrow.