I am done blaming you for things that you can control but choose not to do anything about. Maybe you are doing something, but I don't think it's enough since it seems like nothing's happening. Maybe I have high expectations of you. People have hated me for the way I have treated you a lot of times. You can never have a perfect mother. I know you try your best, but the things you lack affect me greatly, and I don't think I can ever forgive you for them. 

Everytime I'm frustrated I always get to blaming you for it, maybe I am the problem- it's my life anyways. I also camnot be the perfect daughter. I have a feeling we just don't fit even though sometimes we do. I have the bearing of being the best me I can be, because turning out like you is tragic to me. People love you, I don't get that. On the other hand they can never understand why I can't do that wholeheartedly. It's very easy for me to cut people off, or at least I've managed to do that. You like sitting silent in situations that hurt you- and this trait I hate the most. I've become a victim of you always being like this, and while I've learned to fight it, I can't comprehend why you choose to live a life like this. Is this resilience to you? 

Life is suffering, I know. But you get to choose what life is to you, right? 

I'm a hypocrite what am I even blabbing about. I can't choose a path for myself because you can't live alone. I want to get out.