July 22, 2021


Hey so it's been a while since I last updated here. I feel like typing right now because it feels good to touch type without the need of looking at your keyboard. I finally reached the plateau of learning a skill and integrating it with your daily life and it feels seamless. This is a huge milestone for me. This month last year I started learning and practicing how to touch type. I felt dumb and frustrated at first but gradually I get the hang of it and you know what? Shit's worth it my dude. I feel 10x more efficient right now because my rate in WPM is around 70 wpm! That's quite faster than the average. I'm not sure if I can reach the 100 WPM milestone this midyear break now that I only have like more than a month left until I get beaten up by 20 units hellish messed up study plan that I hesitated to consult with to our program advisers because I'm an idiot. It would be nice if I make use of this skill while doing actual papers because I have an INC grade on three of my major courses last semester. It's better than having it dropped or failed. 

Now my main agenda for now is setting up my notion because I want to be more efficient on managing thoughts and tasks. It's just that I get overwhelmed by the blank canvas-ness and the possibilities and the self-imposed pressure of making the perfect set-up which we all know is impossible.

Anyway, I gotta fly. This is all the words I could muster.