July 22, 2021


Dear Diary, Hello, I hope you all are doing well. This is my first time writing in public.  Just want to share my toughts. Sometimes there is amoments when I feel weak ,alone and I am not smart enough. I hate that feeling and I don't want to controle me either. Because Ik setting down and think how lost, weak or alone I am would not help me to change the situation .so what I do is try to be postive and motivation myself the word that I used usally is. "I got this" and "I am good" because I don't like to see my self down and I know that if I am not the one to bring my self up no one will. So I need to stay strong ,work hard toward my goals and never give up😊. I donkt untill when but I will keep smile and tell my self you will do it you are strong. Just hope that would help because right now that is the only soultion which is make sure I will be there for my self. 

Have agood night all.