May 03, 2021


Dear Diary,


I'm just thinking that I need a break from all the things which all are going. Like I haven't mentioned that on 4th April Harshit texted me that he is alone nat Bangalore and feeling lonely and all and that day I was travelling back to home so I replied back and instead talked to him and made him feel better after all that happened because at a time he was there when I wasn't doing well and he took care of me than that only that he missed alot n all and I asked about his gf who had returned as it was the only reason he ended things but I know him now how he is then our conversations were okay not like before but it was okay and because I have understood how he is I know what's coming still it was okay I had someone to talk and share things but since for few days while I was busy with myself and my studies I noticed the change in his behaviour but day before yesterday I asked him the same but he didn't answered properly then it was so obvious for me that what's going on so Idk why I got so angry and said him many things in a rude way but that was required as anyone was needed to show him mirror and I know usko ghanta fark nahi padega but is baar I didn't left any scope for sorry and I miss you.

I said him that either he should stay here or there, that if you have any moral values or not and said him that I am not your backup and said him not to come back as this time I am not gonna entertain him and that I am done with him and Fuck off. Although I realised that I shouldn't have said fuck off but ab bol diya. As I know that we were not having any commitment or relationship or anything such but still something was there and I have told him about everything about the things with dr. too  and I can't bear disloyalty.

And now I am fade up of all these things. I don't want to get hurt or hurt someone else. I don't know what different people think of me and expect from me but I behave rudely so I am gonna reply to no one.

And it was a fine day. As today also I failed to wake up early but I studied and watched hostages season 2.

Okay bye.