May 03, 2021


Dear Diary,

I am feeling super stressed out because I didn't turn in the AP world history notes and now I am worried that I might make a B in the class. I have to take the Enthalpy quiz for chemistry tmrw and I have no fucking clue how to literally do anything. If there is not a way to make up the quiz assignment I did not turn in today I could be totally fucked and definitely make a B in AP world history which stresses me out sm. Um what else...oh yeah I have to write the freaking retake essay today whaaaaa. SO basically I am dying and I cant do this anymore. Is it ok to make a B in an AP class? Can I teach myself Enthalpy in 5 hours? I am just feeling a little overwhelmed this is the last cycle and I just want to do well. I am babysitting this Friday so at least there is that... I think I forgot how to babysit. Oh well I am fucked. cryiinnggg JK I'm not ok bye. death.