April 05, 2021 (15th public)


Today I collect add maths lessons worksheet paper.

After that, I went and visited my friend (:
I didn't see him since January he said 😩
It was nice to see him 🥰
He's well, he only playing video games 😝
He grew out his hair, it so curly now😺

I didn't call my girl since Saturday It's Monday🐸

I started organizing my outfit for Friday this morning.
I think it's gonna be the black and pink dress (: 🥰

I really hope princess gets to come Fridayyyy
But I need to talk to mummy bout it❗

If she tells me bout the event I could ask for her to come one timeeee,
but i don't think she gonnna tell me ):

she never tells me anything ;//

I sort of asked b4 and mum just walked out the room  ): 🥺😩

She has to meet her sooner or later tho cus like princess not going anywheree🥺💘💍