April 06, 2021


Dear Diary,

Ok, so I thought my nightmares ended but nOpE. I had one again about my cousin-brother. So actually what I saw is that I was in an auto with my juniors that too in school uniform and the uncle who is supposed to be driving is sitting behind with girls and me and a boy who was in 7th last year were sitting in the main seat and he was driving.

As expected police saw him driving and told us to stop but instead he drove fast so I scolded him to park in the side I looked back and saw them coming but when I turned back I saw my cousin brother V(his first letter) he was there and we were in normal clothes and suddenly my parents and his mom came along with my big sis A. Everyone was scolding him and I was holding his hand but when police said they'll take him to jail he started running in the open road full of vehicles.

However, he crossed the road and hide in a balcony of someone we were still shouting stop even though he was out of sight( IDK why) that area was the front of where I used to live before I took my mmy's scooty and went towards him. I told him to come down he came and sat behind me I told him you'll not go to jail don't worry and started going through the narrow roads of the neighborhood. We came and stopped the scooty in front of the road, it was night and pitch dark only small lights were coming from the house which was closed. 

So we took a U-turn and I told him that we will go somewhere far to hide for now. But when we reached the roadside someone threw a knife on him that too like arrows bro in the bunch. I lost the balance and he fell off and I went towards him to help and held him. There was a big old closet lying outside so I hide him in it and called his mom(who is close to me) I called her and told her that V has gotten stabbed with a knife please come. meanwhile, I got a call from my dad he said why you told her about V she'll get more broke( coz V's father died back in 2014).

I don't remember after that but the next scene was me my big sis my grand and V's mom sitting in my old house eating she was looking sad and I knew that V is gone and then I jumped to the next scene where I was sitting with my mom in my current house I asked her why this happened with us? so she said I heard someone from the streets did black magic on us but didn't work on us but took away V.

I srsly hate this V is my closest brother(like in guy who is closest cuz I don't talk with guys much) in my whole family whenever he comes we laugh so much and I care for him I love him too like I really have that type of thing for him like YO HE iS My bRoTher dUdE like that. He's in 10th currently probably studying rn...

I hope this will be the LAST ONE srsly no one gets nightmare in my house except me