April 04, 2021 (14th public)


We shared boxes of sweets, ice cream, and prasad today in temple

I received many early birthday wishes (: 🥰

I broke fast today (Sunday) 
I ate curry chicken, which my grandfather made ((:
I helped him peel potatoes to make pies, for selling

I made smores over there, and my brother magically appeared✨
So I shared with him (:

Sunday was okay tho.

I didn't talk to princess much, but Saturday I spent a lot of time with her 🥺

I discovered that my mom actually planned a little get together for my birthday (:
It will be hosted at home and it will happen the day after my birthday 🥳

Also for the party, colour of dress?

The choices are: Brown       OR

                            White        OR

                            Black and Pink

Comment below please ❗🥺