April 05, 2021


Dear Diary,

I'm mad. But is it really angryness what I'm feeling? or am I just too stressed? 

There are alot of things going on right now, that I am feeling out of breath. There are so many things I got to do in a short amount of time, it is hard for me to be able concentrate on just one thing at a time. I want to stop worrying about the future and focus on what I can do now to achieve my goal. But, I am too worry about the outcome. What if I don't make it ? What if its too hard to handle? What if it is not how I imagined it to be? I need a break from thinking, but if I stop, I would get behind on everything and won't be able to meet my goals on time. It's so hard being an adult, and my anxiety doesn't make it better. I have to think positively and keep moving forward, but it's really hard to achieve this when there are many voices that say you won't make it. Negative thoughts that become a reality when I'm contantly being judge by others. I want to feel better , I want to be positive but every time I try , there is someone that would bring me down.