February 22, 2021


The Demon Within - 
He hides in the darkness and in my dreams...watching and waiting,
He know my hopes and my fears...he torments me like a cat playing with a mouse,
He shows me the past...he reminds me of my pain from which I hide,
Those memories those loses...of my heart and my innocence,
I can't be defenseless against him...He knows too many ways to hurt me,
I arm myself with my fear and a blade...the blade brings me comfort,
I cut him just enough to keep him away...It eases my weary soul,
The blade is my only weapon against him...My salvation at the end of the blade,
Like a solider at war with myself...with the scars of a thousand battles,
I know this war is far from over...We have fought against each other for many years,
I've won every battle so far...Because, I am still here,
He has not destroyed me yet...Because the demon is me.