February 22, 2021


Dear Diary,

Very hectic day so far, now I am not at my hometown, I have to cook and clean etc. And in my new project I have to develop code, and I lost practice for since more than a year so, I am unable to do properly. I will try to do on my own before asking for help. And already have an additional assignment to be done.

Mission avoiding AM going on well so far. 

I discussed every thing about AM with mom, and decided to not talk about him with anyone else. And there should be some bar which he has to reach otherwise I will say no to him. For example, if he is not able to meet me even in march. I will say no to him. He left for hometown, he could have met me before leaving. He said he will return on 6th. 

Today, he asked me if I am settled or not. I replied I guess when he will realise I am avoiding him, he will show improvement. Because I already saw some today. 

I should have a target from now in finishing a task. And by this way, I will have to find some other way of doing it anyhow, rather then spending time trying to figure out.

I will have to refrain from ordering from outside.